Remember, this is a man who simply wants to be left alone.

“Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed? We want them broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against – then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it. … There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now, that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

The desire to be left alone

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Covid: Dr. Doom’s Dark Winter


As I have said, this coming Winter will be interesting. I wonder if it will be as interesting as last Winter…

From the CDC. 2019 through Present.

Also from the CDC. This screenshot was taken on April 24, 2020.

Also from the CDC.

Remember, they want you to believe that the lockdowns, staying indoors, the six foot rule, and the viral/bacterial overload face diaper system worked in eliminating the Flu… not the “Covid”.


Covid: Your Children Your Border

Once again, I am going to tell you how this will play out in America: They will piecemeal the Spike Protein Jab and compel as many as they can to get the Jab with threats of ruined lives until they go full Nero on the unjabbed.

AMA schools doctors on word manipulation to promote vaccinations

If I wrote this before I retired, I would be called before the Board of my group and told in no uncertain terms to shut up.

Most doctors do not research themselves. They get “Covid” memo’s and “Covid” policies and “Covid” procedures and “Covid” etc. They “trust the experts” rather than experting themselves… like every other Covid-Idiot in America.

For The Public Health

There is nothing honorable about this. That ship has sailed.

Victoria Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, Calls Anyone Concerned About Untested Vaccination Side-Effects Irrational Whack Jobs

Why we should never trust ‘trusted sources’

I’ll just keep saying it: What part do you not get America? Even your own government doesn’t believe that the “Covid” is the most contagious, dangerous, deadly virus ever. You have been had. Here is ANOTHER Elite Kabuki Theater.

Whitmer Miraculously Rejects Mask/Vaccine Mandates As Polls Show Her Trailing In Reelection Bid – Cure Found For Mask/Vaccine Mandates: Bad Polling

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Admits the 15,000 Haitian Migrants in Del Rio Were Not Tested for COVID Before They Were Dispersed Across the Country

CDC Director Overrules Science Advisory Panel, Backs Boosters For ‘High-Risk’ Workers

Anthony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky Meeting Raises Question of ‘Outside Influences’ on Federal Vaccine Mandate

North Carolina Hospital System Suspends Hundreds Of Employees After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Army Doctor Reveals More Soldiers have died from the Vaccine than died from COVID

School says students must wear masks when chewing, swallowing food in cafeteria

Nurse Testifies About COVID Deaths: “I’m The Guy Who Euthanized People”…

VAERS Whistleblower: “These Patients Deserve To Be Heard”…

Dr. Jane Ruby: How Much More Information Do We Need Before We Stop This Genocide?…

Teacher Who Received 3 Pfizer Shots and Required Masks in His Classroom Hospitalized with COVID

‘Lymphocyte riot’: Pathologists investigate deaths after Corona vaccination

MTA To Start Issuing $50 Fines To Riders Not Wearing Masks

Biden Administration Opposes Honorable Discharges for Troops Refusing to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

Biden Opposes Amendment to Block Bad Discharges for US Service Members Declining Vaccine

Biden: Treat Troops Who Refuse Vax the Same as Deserters, Spies, Murderers

CNN charges Americans not smart enough to do own research on COVID vaccines

And read some of the comments. It is absolutely true when I say that they can spit in your face expecting you to smile, and call it fresh morning dew…

FDA economist calls for forced COVID vaccinations – ‘I’m gonna go door-to-door and stab everyone’

NY Governor Announces All Healthcare Workers Who Refuse Mandatory Vaccine Will Be Replaced With Foreign Workers ASAP

New York’s New Gov Threatens To Replace Unvaccinated Hospital Workers With “Foreigners”

Hazelwood School District Restricts Homecoming to Only VACCINATED Students and Discriminates Against the UNVACCINATED

Ireland: Doctor’s Daughter Got The COVID Shot & Look At What Happened That’s Being Ignored (Video)

We Know Who Is Funding Evil, Who Is Funding Good?

Many of us fighting the plandemic realized from the start that it was spiritual warfare

Penn State University Suspends Students Who Failed to Get Weekly COVID-19 Test

What Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Means for You

Covid Vaccines Bloody Travesty: From Shots to Clots

I had said again, and again, and again on this blog that these “Covid Vaccines” would NOT be a one time Jab. And here we are, again, and again…

CEO of Moderna Says Even Young Will Need to Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely

Previously “One Shot” J&J “Vaccine” is Now Two

COVID CULT: UC Berkeley Student Reports Being Shamed and Reprimanded After Removing Mask for Three Seconds to Drink Water in Class

Federal Workers Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

Face It America

Your country, from city, county, state, to federal, is being run by satanists, whack-jobs, and 64+ various flavors of gender benders.

And the vast majority of Americans either tolerate it, or are part of it.

And then there’s…

Here is the full video.

For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

People are where they are today…

They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

You either stand your ground like a 100 ton rock, or they will bulldoze right over you. Piously walking away is no longer an option. Your “pious virtue” is ultimately your ticket to the Train.

Like a trampled spring and a polluted well is a righteous person who gives way before the wicked.

Covid: Fear Sells

Even if you are a “health freedom advocate”.

Emergency Alert!

BIOWARFARE BATTLEFIELD: Analysis – CDC, DoD running black ops missions to RELEASE pathogens across America, specifically targeting health freedom advocatesHere

WORLD BOMBSHELL: Leaked DARPA document, DRASTIC analysis confirms attack on humanity using aerosolized, skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike proteinsHere

Anyhow, I remember this guy freaking out when the “Covid” first hit the headlines.

Millions are going to die unless we take drastic measures!

Then, when the government took “drastic measures”, he whined about the “drastic measures”.

Anyhow, it’s amusing that this guy started talking about health issues and selling health products, and then one day he suddenly has “insider sources” and “bombshell analysis”. Not to hard to figure out when you find out who his new “bombshell analysis” insiders are.

If there is one thing I have learned about these “bombshell analysis” people, and he’s not the only one, they ALWAYS have something to sell you and/or are asking for donations.

I get his “alert” emails and mostly just trash them for one of two reasons. Already done that, or earth to Mike on Exoplanet SWEEPS-04, hello?

Covid: Going Nero On The Unjabbed

I’ll tell you how this works out. They will piecemeal the Spike Protein Jab and compel as many as they can with threats of ruined lives until they go full Nero on the unjabbed.

The Left Cheered When Australians Gave Up Their Guns. Now They’re Being Shot By Their Own Government in the Streets.

The Biden administration is importing human petri dishes of assorted infestations into the country

Part 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings

Part 2: FDA Official ‘Blow Dart African Americans’ & Wants ‘Nazi Germany Registry’ for Unvaccinated

Notice anything odd about his demeanor, the way he carries/displays himself?

Project Veritas: FDA Official Wants ‘Nazi Germany Registry’ for Unvaccinated Americans

Tyrant Joe Biden Says He Will “Fight Vaccine Disinformation” to Increase Vaccinations After Project Veritas Exposé (VIDEO)

Once again, for the Stupid People: If the “fully vaccinated” can get the “Covid”, they can pass on the “Covid”. And when everyone is “fully vaccinated”, the only ones who will be passing on the “Covid”, are the “fully vaccinated”. Thought: And some dumb-ass will say, “It’s okay! They have Booster Jabs for that!”

Biden says troops should be dishonorably discharged if they disobey order to get Covid vaccine

Do the Global Managers Want the Pandemic to End?

There is no “Pandemic“.

Trump’s surgeon general says he can’t refinance home because Biden ‘unwilling’ to verify employment

Now it’s $40,000 cars and $100,000 cash if you get vaccinated

And if this were are real pandemic, every person in America would know of at least one person in every city block in America who have dropped dead in a China Street of the “Covid“.

Charlatan Pastor Robert Jeffress: ‘There is no credible religious argument against the vaccines’

Biden Tells United Nations Assembly It Will Take “Collective Political Will” To Force The COVID Vaccine into Global Population

Reality vs Gaslighting: The Vaccine Failure Stares Us Straight in the Eyes

Just think of it as abortions and they’re good.

Thousands of Fetal Deaths and Injuries Now Reported Following COVID-19 Injections of Pregnant Women

I keep saying it… how many times are you going to allow them to spit in your face? Again, and again, and again…? Remember, they keep telling you that this is the most contagious, dangerous, deathly virus ever. And… you can even get the “Covid” if you are “vaccinated” too!

Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal Celebrates Birthday Maskless After Bashing Anti-Maskers

Exempting Congress from Vaccine Mandate: ‘Can Someone Explain the Science to Me?’

Florida Surgeon General Bashes Virus Hysteria: ‘Done with Fear,’ Vaccines ‘Treated Almost Like a Religion’

But it is a religion. The Gain of Function SPIKE PROTEIN Gene Therapy Jab is their offering.

Apostle Paul

For I am already being poured out like a drink offering…

2 Timothy 4: 1-8

My wife was watching Paul, Apostle of Christ last night. I came in at the tail end of the movie and sat down beside her and watched the rest of the movie.

And he said: For I am already being poured out as a drink offering.

That really caught my attention.

The vine dries up; the fig tree languishes. Pomegranate, palm, and apple, all the trees of the field are dried up, and gladness dries up from the children of man. Put on sackcloth and lament, O priests; wail, O ministers of the altar. Go in, pass the night in sackcloth, O ministers of my God! Because grain offering and drink offering are withheld from the house of your God.

Joel 1:12-13

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

1 Peter 2:9

For I am already being poured out as a drink offering...

 I have fought the good fight,

I have finished the race,

I have kept the faith.


He’s Reaching! Introducing The “Not Reaching” Pouches!

DHS And Police Think Motorists Should Put Drivers Licenses In Clear Bags

Jefferson’s murder took place early on a Saturday morning when an officer was dispatched to Jefferson’s home because her door was slightly ajar.

Cop Gets Insultingly Low ‘Manslaughter’ Charge for Killing Innocent Teen Holding a Plastic Bottle

‘Officer of the Year’ Arrested for Sodomizing Innocent Man With Finger to Look for Non-Existent Drugs

Cops Arrested After Beating Teen So Violently, They Left Boot Marks on His Face — For a Speeding Ticket

FBI Robs 800 Safety Deposit Boxes, Steal People’s Life Savings, Claiming Cash Smelled Like Drugs

Cop Admits He Used ‘Incest App’ and Paid $200 to Rape 2 Young Children, 8 and 10

80yo Army Vet Facing Fines, Jail for Butterfly Garden He Planted in His Front Yard

Police Chief Busted Paying Woman So He Could Repeatedly Rape Her Child