Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 2

Here Are More US Tech Giants Propping Up China’s Vast Surveillance State

Nothing appears to be lost in this effort, if people have already forgotten what the free individual means and is.

Officer Charged With Felony Murder Now Facing Seven More Charges Over Deadly No-Knock Raid

Prozac pollution

Climate Change Protest Targets Farmers and Cattle Ranchers

Virginia Senate Bill No. 64: Declaring Tactical Training Illegal

London Bridge stabber belonged to jihadist group that admired Hitler

The March Of Islamic Conquest: War, Killing, Booty, & Sex Slaves

‘Miss Hitler’ Winner, Mafia Figure Busted Among Members of Neo-Nazi Ring in Italy

The Latest Terrorist Weapon of Choice?

How Black Friday Stole Christmas And Thanksgiving and Maybe New Years

Bestselling author Jennifer Jaynes, who penned thrillers exposing the murderous vaccine deep state, found shot to death

GoFundMe bans fundraising for vaccine skeptics but allows tens of thousands of mentally ill girls to raise money to maim themselves by cutting off their breasts

Beyond rehabilitation: Terrorists get a second chance, while their victims get none

A French prosecutor has dropped charges against the killer of Jewish kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi after experts ruled he had suffered a massive psychotic episode by smoking cannabis.

If People Will Do This Over Gadgets And Gifts, What Happens When Food Runs Out?

Pope Francis Traveled To Thailand And Presented Buddhist Supreme Patriarch With ‘Declaration On Human Fraternity’ Peace Covenant Of Chrislam

Satan works to deceive the church by mingling his children with God’s children

Pope Francis Cozies Up to Muslim Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

High-Ranking Officer Arrested on Over 600 Counts of Child Sexual Abuse

The Police received a tip: Innocent Woman Handcuffed Naked and Terrorized by Cops Raiding the Wrong Home