Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 10

Trump: Some ‘Great’ American Jews ‘Don’t Love Israel Enough’

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I am a descendant of multiple European peoples who settled in Colonial America. You might as well tell me that “I don’t love the European countries I am descended from enough.” Amusing, I always thought of myself as an American. Of course, Ann Coulter is right. But let’s not stop at the “America Jews” who make up only approximately 2.0% of the American population, as I know my greatest enemies in America, are those of European descent with a side of other ethnos from other continents. I don’t give a shit about Europe anymore than the “Jews” in America should be giving a shit about Israel. Frankly, if you give a shit about Europe, move to Europe. If you give a shit about Israel, move to Israel. If you love the ideas that America was founded on, great. If not, move some place that accommodates your beliefs. But it’s not that simple, is it? As their are millions of Americans, mostly of European descent, who want America to be something else other than the ideas that America was founded on.

But let’s cue the fascist, neo-Nazi, racist, white supremacist Prime Directive: “This basically includes blaming Jews for the behavior of other Whites and non-Whites. Of course it should not be that they are innocent, but the message should always be that if we didn’t have the Jews we could figure out how to deal with other Whites and non-Whites very easily.”

Because, if we just got rid of approximately 2.0% of America’s population, White Peoples (and everyone else) would be just like Baby Jesus in a manger all pining for that which America was founded on.

White People, the same as it ever was. But at least we have the bogeyman, just like Nazi Germany had.

Let’s just face it, and instead of using childish name like “Boogaloo”, traditional Americans of all stripes and colors, will either have combat, or not combat.

Meh. Moving along.

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