Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 29

Atheist Group Calls for IRS Investigation into Tax Status of Church Hosting Evangelicals for Trump

Bill Gates Calls for Taxing the Rich in New Year’s Eve Blog Post – Bill Gates can start by donating 75% of his wealth to the government.

2019: Facial Recognition And Corporate Surveillance Become Commonplace

Davie Police Officer Trying To Shoot Dog Accidentally Shoots Self

California orders pastors to push LGBT activism… or else – transgender tyranny to become the rule of law

WATCH: Insane Cop Gets Job Back After Jumping On Hood of a Man’s Car, Murdering Him – Put the video at half speed, enlarge, and start at 7:40. The cop deliberately put himself in front of the vehicle… to shoot the man.

As Foreigners to American Government Continue to Illegally Strip the People of their RIGHTS, Illegals Can Now Vote, Get licenses, Welfare & Tax Refunds Without Question

WATCH: SWAT Raids Man’s Home Over $100 in Pot, Fill Him With Holes, Lie About It – Even when your own neighbor believes it’s a robbery taking place.

When The Police & CPS Target You & Kidnap Your Children Because You’re A Christian

California Passes Insane New Law Limiting Personal Water Usage With Massive Fines (VIDEO)

Armored Cartel Convoys with Grenade Launchers Seen in Mexican Border City near Texas

Perhaps the major reason why Eastern religions are so popular among modern ex Jews and ex Christians is that they have no hell

The New Axis of Evil: Democrat Leaders & Muslim Brotherhood & Deep State Holdovers & Radicalized Iran

The Strange 21st-Century Sexual Marketplace