Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 61

Texas State assignment asks future teachers to argue ‘whiteness is a construct of privilege’

The latest episode of HBO’s The New Pope now has the audacity to suggest “upgrading” the Bible and the Church to include gay marriage

Hollywood A-Listers preached down to the rest of us about equality at this year’s Oscars ceremony all while collecting a $225,000 swag bag

Homosexual Pete Buttigieg: Flood Small American Towns with Immigration to Grow Population

Race division grows as “academics” downgrade whites to an inferior species

What Americans Can Learn from F. W. de Klerk’s Great Betrayal of South Africa

Trump’s FBI Targets “White Nationalists”, Although Antifa Is Real Problem

Donald Trump Celebrates ‘MAGA’ Trillion Dollar Tech: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon

Bible Is Incompatible with Human Dignity

Amnesty: Amy Klobuchar Promises Welcome for World’s Migrants

New Hampshire Voters Liked Homosexual Pete Buttigieg’s ‘Moral Compass’

Words We Must Live By

US Gov Says WikiLeaks “Significant A Threat As ISIS” – Who knew? Julian Assange is like ISIS! I wonder how many heads he has chopped of?

On the House floor, Ayanna Pressley contends the Constitution is sexist

Gender Bending Dysphoria in Teen Girls Cases up 1,500 Per Cent Since 2008


American communists call for a violent takeover

Cities Create New Ways To Expand Neighborhood Surveillance Programs

Politicians Attempting to Indemnify Themselves Against the Law That They Swore to Uphold

Survey Finds People Who Identify as Left-Wing More Likely to Have Been Diagnosed With a Mental Illness

Left-Wing Medical Journal Claims Parents Who Won’t Allow Transgender Treatments are Child Abusers

Deep State Brings In Big Gun US ATTORNEY to Defy Request for Evidentiary Hearing on Previously Hidden Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Emails on Seth Rich

I Took An Blue Lives Matter Oath And Am Here To Support People Who Are For And Against The Second Amendment

Blue Lives Matter School Cop Threatens to Shoot Student For Trying To Leave Campus For Dentist Appointment (Video)

VA State Blue Lives Matter Police Refuse to Rule out Door-to-Door Enforcement of Suppressor Ban

Putnam County, West Virginia, Blue Lives Matter Sheriff’s Department Violation Of The Fourth Amendment

$600,000 Settlement After Nightmarish Sexual Assault Exam Forced On 5-Year-Old Girl By California Blue Lives Matter Police After She Fell Off Trampoline

More Victims Discovered After Blue Lives Matter Cop Caught On Video Planting Meth On Innocent Grandma (Video)

I trust Blue Lives Matter about as far as I can throw a 2 ton boulder. Know how to mostly end this? Summary execution by rope for cops like the one planting drugs.