Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 62

Who knew?

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Alabama representative introduces bill forcing men over 50 to have vasectomies

Judicial Watch Obtains Records Detailing NIH Purchases of Aborted Fetal Parts for ‘Humanized Mice’ Testing

80 percent of the U.S. supply of antibiotics are made in China’

Hungarian MEP: Rising Antisemitism in Europe Fueled by Illegal Immigration

AOC Guests on RuPaul Show: ‘I Pledge Allegiance to the Drag’

He came in with a bang, went out with a whimper – Today’s Generals are over-rated. Remember when Obama purged 197 officers?

Except for perhaps heading off to church for an hour each Sunday, there would be little reason at all to suspect they were Christians

Blue Lives Matter “Trooper of the Year” Arrested for Producing Child Porn, Distributing It to His Own Network

Carville fires back at Sanders: ‘At least I’m not a communist’ – Ah, just a more “moderate’ communist.

Air Force updates its dress code policy to include turbans, beards and hijabs – Expressing your Christianity will still be a no-no.

Mentally Ill Biologically Male Runner To Compete In USA Women’s Olympic Trials

Instead, Blue Lives Matter bully and intimidate a man who has done nothing illegal

Atlanta Blue Lives Matter Goes Berserk – Isn’t Charged

So far, she’s looking suspiciously like a #TradWife

Let’s be clear: Roger Stone’s prosecutors, not him, should have been indicted and sent to prison for nine years

Ritual Sacrifice, Symbols, and Occult Architecture

The Stealth Foreign Takeover of America’s Colleges

Bush Family Member Pierce Bush: Christians must change to accommodate our progressive world society – Compares Christians to Islamic Terrorists

GWB’s entire “Islam is Peace” speech…

2005 China Defense Minister Speech: Bio-Weapons Will Clean-up America for China Invasion

This Is How Your Life Will Look Like Under The Coming Martial Law

I’m not making that up. The homosexual mafia loves to try and intimidate anyone who refuses to be bullied by them

If your loved one is having a medical emergency, don’t call Blue Lives Matter

One Year Ago Today AG Barr Sworn In – One Year Later Corrupt Mueller Gang Coup Is Over But Deep State DOJ and FBI Still In Place

DOJ Will Not Charge Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe — Attorneys Say ‘Case is Closed’