Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 78

USA Corona-Chan-Virus Total 376 ~ Total Deaths 14 ~ Total Recovered 8.

You have approximately 1-0 days before Corona-Chan-Virus SHTF ground zero ~ Coronavirus cases to start exploding next week in America ~ There Will Be “Thousands” Of Confirmed Cases In The U.S. “By Next Week”  ~ 2.16 million deaths in USA by July 4th ~ Best-case scenario is 15 million dead and a $2.4 trillion hit to global GDP!

If you have these Influenza symptoms… “cases”… you may have the Corona-Chan-Virus

Coronavirus: the definition of “cases” is producing a new level of illusion

Influenza Deaths Now Total 20,000, Including Elevated Number of 136 Children

Six Ways Why Coronavirus® Fails the Sniff Test

To cure the humans of the Corona-Chan-Virus, first you get the Baboons sick of the Corona-Chan-Virus

Police-Enforced Quarantine Hits California Neighborhood – Residents Ordered to Stay Inside Due to Coronavirus

American Taxpayers Billed up to $133K per Refugee Resettled in U.S.

Lindsey “McCain” Graham Touts DACA Amnesty to Trump

DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Approves 35K H-2B MORE Foreign Workers to Take U.S. Jobs

DHS ‘Prioritizing Cheap Foreign Labor’ with H-2B Visa Hike

Muslim Ilhan Omar Tweets “Abortion Is A Constitutional Right”, Accuses Two Supremes Of Being “Sexual Predators” ~ See Article 8, Section 973, Clause 1,378.

If you are for life and against abortion, Muslim Rashida Tlaib believes you want to have sex with her

Actress Busy Philipps Claims She Owes Her Success to an Abortion at Age 15 ~ I’m thinking a Harvey Weinstein moment.

Obama National Security Officials Susan Rice, James Comey, John Brennan Back Joe Biden ~ Well of course they do. Biden is their we did nothing wrong and get out of jail card.

Europe today has more empty church buildings than it knows what to do with

Finland’s Millennial Feminist Govt to Help Greece By Sending Border Guards to Help Migrants Claim Asylum ~ The everyone’s mommy feelz syndrome.

But, but… U.N. Study: 90% of All People Hold ‘Deeply Ingrained Bias’ Against Women

Mexican Cartel Gunmen Leave Dismembered Bodies as Threats to Rivals

Blue Lives Matter Cops Mistake 11yo Daughter for Car Thief, Cuff Her, Try to Kidnap Her

Blue Lives Matter Cops savagely beats man having a diabetic event because PCP ~ And… another one.

Federal Courts Rule Individuals Shot By Blue Lives Matter Police But Not Immediately Arrested May Not Sue Police For Wrongdoing Under The Fourth Amendment

Secret Babel Street app is being used by Feds to track cell phone ‘movement’ — without warrants

Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a Blue Lives Matter suspect.

Man Fined $500, Threatened with Jail for Criticizing Traffic Cameras Without a License

The Result Of Red Flag Laws

But let’s wait. Consider the utter Blue Lives Matter stupidity of this

Negroes in action

Scott Presler’s Trump-Inspired City Cleanup Movement Finds Horror on the Streets of San Francisco ~ I lived in San Fran for a couple of years, years ago. It was a total crap-house then.

The Democrat Party had split between two types of Marxists

Grifter Negro On Negroes Sharpton: Trump, Barr Are Tearing Apart the ‘Very Fabric of This Country’

Snowboarding wonderland



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