Whom The Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad – Coronavirus

Every “it’s just the flu” FLU SEASON, you will see VA Hospital personnel wearing protective masks. You will see it at your local Hospitals. You will see it at the Clinics.

But this is CORONA-CHAN! Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! So…

Thread here.

RN claims he was fired for wearing a protective mask

More protective gear “expert” schizophrenia here.

But, but… it’s not the Flu! It’s Kung-Flu!

World-Wide Presumptive Cases Of Corona-Chan

0.00405973076923% of the planets population has presumptive cases of corona-chan.

0.000174346153846% of the planets population has died from presumptive cases of the corona-chan.

The… It’s just the flu.

USA-Wide Presumptive Cases Of Corona-Chan

0.00820222485136% of the USA population has presumptive cases of the corona-chan.

0.000105398164102% of the USA population has died from presumptive cases of the corona-chan.

Police in California Plan to Use Drones to Enforce Quarantine Lockdown

In Chula Vista, a town just outside of San Diego, police purchased at least two drones from the Chinese company DJI for $11,000 each.

Thanks to “globalism” — i.e., cheap goods from China

The drones will be equipped with cameras and loudspeakers to enforce the recently imposed quarantine

Our daughter called yesterday from the next town over. Said the Sheriffs Dept. was driving around closing all the restaurants, liquor stores, gun shops, etc.

‘Quarantine shaming’: US navigates radical new social norms

The Lesson of COVID-19: The State Has A Monopoly On Coercion & Violence

Craving The Spotlight: Eating, Singing, Shakespeare – Celebrities Post Home Videos During Coronavirus

The Other Craving The Spotlight: Laughingstock New York Times offers coronavirus comic relief

The Other Craving The Spotlight: Miley Cyrus Talks Reaffirming Her Relationship With God in Coronavirus Livestream

The Other Craving The Spotlight: Expert On Everything Oprah Launches Apple TV Series About Coronavirus

Staying relevant: Muslim and ex-CIA Director Brennan Attacks President Trump Amid Coronavirus Global Pandemic – “He is a National Disgrace”

Then, as if on cue, all national broadcasts started being interrupted for maximum exposure – The Chosen One Rises

Still dooming and glooming: My original pandemic projection model estimated 118 deaths in the USA by yesterday ~ The same guy who proclaimed the government needs dictatorial powers to save us from his projections, while in the same breath… where’s the line in the sand?

Oops: Pelosi: Trump Should Assume Dictatorial Powers NOW

Ruh-Roh: How ‘Coronavirus Idiocracy’ Could Lead To Nearly 20 Million Or More Dead Americans

On Monday Morning, Will Trump Pull the Trigger on Full-Scale Medical Martial Law?

Time to Quarantine the Politicians and the Mainstream Media’s Propagandists- 98% of Our Problems Would Go Away

Los Angeles Defeated The Alien Invasion, Could not Defeat The Corona-Chan – PREPARE FOR CHAOS!

The more you learn, the more you know, and, hence, the more you have to say “No” to what we are doing to the global economy and society.

And the Next Time? More of this Nonsense? – Hunkered. Bunkered. Shuttered. Furious.

A record 2 million plus people have filed for unemployment.

Bars, restaurants and stores are boarded up as three million Americans prepare to file for unemployment

COVID-19 – Evidence Over Hysteria

Reducing Covid-19 Fever

Yes, by all of those metrics, we’re at war. But no one is calling it war. Why not?

The coronavirus is a product of the left, the third and final installment of its trilogy of doomsday scenarios

What did Dr. “I love you Hillary” Fauci have to say in 2009 about the deadly H1N1 pandemic?

Dr. “I love you Hillary” Fauci: Trump Coming at Coronavirus from a ‘Layperson’s Standpoint’ — I’m Coming from a ‘Scientific Standpoint’

Global World Government United Nations WHO Reverses Course, Whines Lockdowns Not Strong Enough

After all the hype, another EXPERT weighs in: Chloroquine ‘May Actually Be Very Unsafe’ to Treat Coronavirus

Northern Italy the orders are not to allow those over 60 access to respiratory machines

Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples the Government

Governor Cuomo said up to 80 per cent of New York could become infected

Remember, according to the experts, 86% of the people who have the corona-chan won’t even know it. But then, neither will the EXPERTS! But hey America, just presumptively assume that 86% of everyone you come into contact with, has the corona-chan! In fact, you more than likely have, the corona-chan and not even know it!

NYC officials publish guide to intimacy during coronavirus pandemic with advice ‘this is not a good time to be having orgies’

A pandemic of fear is being used in exactly the same way that fear of “terrrsts” was used

Who stood to gain by panicking the nation & shutting down our entire economy

Deaths in the US due to COVID-19 human coronavirus geographically overlaps tuberculosis incidence maps

Welcome to the Coronapocalypse

Whew! The Army wants us to know: That Army equipment moving by rail? Not a sign of looming martial law

Coronavirus emergency response bill – who’s getting the $8.3 billion?

MIT doctor with 4 degrees reveals sinister theory about coronavirus

Italy’s minister of health: mortality rate in Italy may be exaggerated due to the way the country records fatalities

Globalists, Communists Push Coronavirus as Gateway to “Global Health Governance”

Governor Turns State Police Loose on businesses who refuse to close; Citizens encouraged to RAT out ‘Offenders’

POWER GRAB: AG Barr Pushes for Arrest & Indefinite Detainment of Anyone for Any Reason Without Any Trial During Virus Crisis

Total Cost of Her COVID-19 Treatment: $34,927.43

Shredded T-shirts used as toilet paper clogged California city’s sewer, officials believe

ANOTHER UPDATE FROM: Globalist United Nations WHO updates statement about taking ibuprofen if you have COVID-19 symptoms

And remember every-body! Assume that YOU and every-body around YOU has the presumptive case of the Corona-Chan!

That leaves me to speculate on a possibility: that they know something they are not telling us. After all, it would not be the first time that the government, corporations, and the media have teamed up to keep damning information buried.

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