Coronavirus: Every Knee Shall Bend

Can You Find This Video?

I have it.

Over 30 Million Americans Have Lost Their Jobs In The Last Six Weeks

RFK Jr. Asks if Dr. Shiva Owning a Vaccine Company & Partnering with Microsoft is Why He’s Splintering the Movement

The more you find out about the “experts“.

The politicians are still collecting their paychecks… and Ice Cream.

Our leaders are making a mockery of their own quarantines… plebs.

Governor Pritzker Forces Illinois Residents into Endless Lockdown — Then Is Caught Flying His Wife and Kids to Florida (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama Asks DC Residents to ‘Stay Home’ While Barack Goes Golfing

‘Governor just shut us down’: Canterbury Village postpones drive-in movie nights scheduled during COVID-19 pandemic

Gavin Newsom, beach cop taking on all California

Gov. Newsom Attacks Beachgoers, Threatens to Extend Lockdowns, While Releasing “High Risk” Sex Offenders

If you are from MexiKaliForniKation and want to send petty-punk Gov. Newsom a nasty note, go HERE.

Remember when: Gov Newsom’s wife said she was running out of toilet paper?

If governors actually had a spine, they would be following in Gov. of South Dakota Noem’s footsteps and keep their states open.

Knox County, Tenn., Bans Communion, Hymnals—and Even Bibles—at Church

Beware of tyranny more than Corona-Chan

VIDEO: Woman Brutalized and Hauled Out of Michigan Capitol by Security for Protesting Quarantine

It was just a few weeks ago that the World Health Organization, in its inimitable wisdom, recommended forceful removal of infected people from their residences to be put into “dignified” isolation.

More than 90 percent of the country has been self-quarantining for more than a month. Either we had it and didn’t know it, or never had it at all. But in any event we don’t have it now.

Let this sink in. This is YOUR government.

Orange County DA Warns the Public Over Coronavirus Release of 7 “High Risk” Sex Offenders

Prison and jail systems throughout the entire country have been released inmates that would ordinarily be considered far too severe offenders for parole or early release.

Mayor De Blasio: Jews To Be Arrested and Churches Shutdown for Disobeying, But Muslims Are Another Story

Teachers’ Union Head to Members: Scream Bloody Murder if Schools Reopen Prematurely

And here is another example of why public schools should be shut down permanently.

The guy that wants to perpetually vaccine the whole world

OMG! 39,000,000 to 56,000,000 Americans INFECTED with the FLU Corona-Chan!

Over 70% of tested inmates in federal prisons have Corona-Chan

I’m wondering, which version of the corona-chan do they have?

And, if 70% of all federal prisoners have the corona-chan, how many are in hospitals on respirators on their last breath? The fact is, most of those who have the corona-chan don’t know they have it, or have mild flu like symptoms.

You are being gaslighted by all these OMG! politically motivated government paid “experts”. But if any other experts, those who are not paid directly, or indirectly by government funding, speaks out about this, they are ridiculed, called stupid, and we are told they don’t have a clue about what they are talking about and memory-holed.

US Prison Study Finds 3,300 Inmates Positive for COVID-19 – 96% Have No Symptoms – 99.2% of Minnesota Deaths Due to Underlying Conditions

New York City ER doc on frontline of COVID-19 battle explains why America should reopen immediately

He called them useful idiots. The term refers to people who eagerly assist in their own destruction; who practically beg for it  in order to show just how orthodox they are.

Boobus AmeriKanus does not want perspective, they want FEAR!

The COVID-19 and Spanish Flu Pandemics, A Century Apart

In 1968–69, the Hong Kong flu ravaged the world; it wound up killing more than one million people worldwide, over 100,000 of them in the United States.

Attempting To Allay Covid-19 Fears Results in Claims of Conspiracy Theories, Proffering ‘Bullshit,’ and Political Bias

COVID: two vital experiments that have never been done because they would expose this vicious farce, the criminals perpetuating it, and end the lockdowns

The Corona-Chan Lockdowns May Destroy Our Immune Systems

But don’t worry, we’ll have a vaccine for that…

The New Enemy: The Unmasked

It’s called brainwashing. Have you noted that many of the TeeVee commercials are now Corona-Chan centric, along with the MSM, and your local governments? It’s Corona-Chan fear all day, every day.

The New Normal. WTF does that even mean? That Boobus AmeriKanus are now regulated into living the rest of their lives in fear and more government mandates to save you?

Fighting Fire With Facts

Yep, the only people who benefit from the external enemy obsession are the people who actually wrecked this country.

Desperate To Identify People Staying At Home, Biometric Industry Holds “Festival Of Identity Webinar”

Inalienable means “unable to be separated from.” Skin color is inalienable. So are sex, height, and hand-size. Inalienable means “born with.” You cannot alter or change anything that is inalienable. A man can cut off his penis but he is still a man. His sex cannot be taken away or given away. Same goes for skin color. Even the late Michael Jackson was black…no matter how much his skin was bleached. INALIENABLE!

The federal government’s “Behavioral Insight Teams” are seeking to subtly steer the public into falling in line with the establishment.

Just so we’re clear: the virus isn’t the hoax. The mainstream media’s constant fear-mongering was the biggest hoax in human history.

Henry “Kiss the Ring” Kissinger has weighed in on the global impact of COVID-19

Truth or a proverbial “Freudian slip”? “We haven’t infected enough of the population with the coronavirus.”

See incredible Christian videos Army removed for ‘violating the 1st Amendment’

State governments shutting down coronavirus emergency hospitals after zero patients show up

New Corona-Chan Guidelines…

Law Enforcement Throws Two Texas Women in Jail for the “Grievous” Crime of Offering Home Beauty and Salon Services

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