You Are Being Milked

Whatever You Do Don’t Do Your Own Research Trust The TeeVee Experts

Within one year of Trump’s second term, you will know all you need to know about the man…

After a series of over 11,000 climate change lighting strikes in 4 days, sparking multiple climate change wild-fires, Gov. Newsom blames climate change.

Newsom linked the wildfires to climate change during a last-minute video recorded for the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night from a forest near Watsonville, after he visited an evacuation center.

“If you are in denial about climate change, come to California,” he said.

The governor gave no word on whether the rest of the United States, or the world, is on fire due to climate change. And don’t forget, climate change also caused one of California’s largest wild-fires, the Santiago Canyon Fire of 1889, until it was beat by the climate change Mendocino Complex Fire of 2018.

Mike Adams (Millions) finally gets on board: Coronavirus “cases” are medically meaningless, yet being used to justify weaponized lockdowns to destroy humanity

As is “All News Pipeline”: Could This Be The Mark Of The Beast Or Lead To It? RNA Based Vaccines Change The DNA Of Humans Through A Viral Vector

As I told them in their comments months ago, this “virus” isn’t it. It’s a catalyst, an excuse, for everything else happening now.

The Vaccine From Hell

Do you remember that it was predicted that covid19 would kill literally millions of people?

Yes, we have actually lost some “friends” over this:

You know the people I’m talking about. Some of them are probably your friends and family, people you have known for years, and who had always seemed completely rational, but who are now convinced that we need to radically alter the fabric of human society to protect ourselves from a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms at all) in over 95% of those infected, and that over 99.6% survive, which, it goes without saying, is totally insane.

Invasion of the New Normals: The Elitist Plan to Remake Society


The once venerable Lancet medical journal has put forward Joe Biden as the best choice for Americans’ health

Expect a flood of rental evictions and new Marxists:

California Court System Lifts Eviction Moratorium After Lawsuit

Rutherford County Schools Tell Parents Not to Monitor Their Child’s Virtual Classrooms

First day of school yesterday in Provo, Utah – Source: Kate Shemirani

The obvious answer is that our cultural arbiters are debauched people with pedophile tendencies…

There’s a reason that Netflix is sexualizing young girls

Remember, if you are White, your life doesn’t matter:

Media Remains Silent After Four Black Teenagers Murder Girl Before She Was Able to Attend College

In fact: “Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.” -Sam Hyde

They’ll spit on you, kick you in the face, and Boobus AmeriKanus will still spend their hard-earned money to watch woke sports:

Woke Panic: Chiefs Ban Fans from Native American Headdresses, Face Paint

The Thing is talking about their freedom to completely debauch America:

Hillary Clinton: Trump Poses a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to Our Freedom

Like this kind of freedumb

Mentally Ill Lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot to everyone:

Police Will Protect Hypocrite Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s Home from Violent Protesters as She Encourages BLM

You are not included.

Portland: BLM Mob Terrorizing Residential Areas, Yelling “Wake Up Mother ****er, Wake Up!”

Joe Biden’s best: “I’m proud to be a nasty, nasty woman.”

Nasty women Kamala Harris virtual cheering section included duplicates

Various hoes, sluts, Marxists. And what did all that integration get you?

More, mostly White girls turned on by the gangsta culture:

I’d throw my own daughter in the streets for this.

Be sure to read the entire thread from Eillen. She gets it:

You watch, he will flip-flop. Again.

Trump: “when we have the vaccine, we have the military all lined up”

Lined up for who?

Who says you can’t do a round-house to the jaw of a girl like she was a man?

I would have. Wouldn’t be the first.

The COVID-19 is based on mRNA technology. The mRNA (messenger RNA) provides instruction taken from DNA to synthesis proteins in cell ribosomes. The vaccine would “introduce” mRNA, foreign to your body, that would contain instructions from the DNA of whatever they plan injecting into you to synthesize the proteins in your cells. Remember, the “new coronavirus” has not even been isolated. And, in the following video, you may understand why.

We Are The Virus: COVID-19 Genetic Material Is Identical To Human Genome 8

What Happens When The Coronavirus Narrative Fails? They Attack, Polarize, Discredit, Etc.

How a False COVID-19 Narrative Was Created & Sustained for Six Months

Bill Clinton Lectures Trump On What The Oval Office Should Be Used For

Could you imagine what Joe Biden’s cabinet would look like?

And check out the White Trash…

Portland Rioter Marquise Love Viciously Assaulted Another White Man Before Brutal Attack on Driver

Suspect In Brutal Portland Head-Kicking Turns Himself In After Manhunt

Massachusetts Town Paints over Noah’s Ark Display after Atheist Group Complains

Are The Dominoes Falling?

What are they after?

Ongoing and Multiple Efforts Are At Work Designed to Break Up the United States

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