Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Is The UN Great Reset

To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how: A true recovery from COVID-19 will not be about putting things back together the way they were: we need to ‘build back better’, to ‘reset’, if we are to address the deep systemic vulnerabilities the pandemic has exposed. For businesses, building back better is about much more than corporate social responsibility: it is about truly aligning markets with the natural, social and economic systems on which they depend. It is about building real resilience, driving equitable and sustainable growth, and reinventing capitalism itself.


There is no pandemic, there is only a scamdemic. A scamdemic created for one purpose. A Great Reset. I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but in mine, all the Joe Biden campaign commercials are about the Corona-Cooties.

Of all the people who have expired due to the Corona-Cooties, only 6% died of it alone. The other 94% had serious health issues. In other words, they already had one foot in deaths doors. If those other 94% had been healthy otherwise, most of them would have survived.

Did we mention that Democrat governors were deliberately stacking Old Folks Homes with people infected with the Corona-Cooties?

I keep harping on this… last I looked, 8.8 Million Americans have tested positive for the Corona-Cooties. The vast majority of which, would have never known they had the Corona-Cooties if they had not been tested. And remember, this is what they have America freaking out over. People have the “CASES!”. 8.8M of them “CASES!”. They have the… COOTIES! And they are not ill. And they are not dying. And they are not being hospitalized. And they are not being ventilated to death.

But you say, what about all those videos that came out of China showing people suddenly dropping dead in the streets? What about all those bodies lined up on the sidewalks? What about all those people removed from their homes at gun point! What about all those homes that were boarded up and quarantined? What about all those mass burials and incineration’s?

Uh, it’s China… right?

What about it? You need to come to grips that there are people in your government A to Z Agencies and Departments, media, academia, entertainment, the United Nations, and even your neighbors, who believe that China is the template for what America should be.

But then, for millions of Americans…

Turn off the damn Boobus AmeriKanus Boob-Toob people.

A virus so dangerous, that THOUSANDS of Marxist Antifa/BLM rioters, looters, arsonists, murderers, etc. these past 6 months are just dropping dead in the streets, from the Corona-Cooties. Right?


INSIDE THE TROJAN HORSE – The Nightmare That America Will Become If Kamala Harris… Er, We Mean, Joe Biden Is Elected Tuesday: Biden is simply a smiling and soon-to-be-discarded Trojan horse, inside which impatiently wait the radicals, socialists and Marxist revolutionaries who plan to burst out and rule America should the Biden ticket prevail. Bottom line, explains Kupelian: “Today’s Democratic Party has become possessed by the dark revolutionary spirit of Marxism, which in reality is based on hatred and rebellion against God, against His commandments, against His morality, against the very idea of objective truth. Marxists want their own truth, their own laws, their own morality, their own biology, their own science, their own heaven … on earth.

GLOBAL COMMUNISM DISGUISED AS THE GREAT RESET: There is and was no pandemic since “the curve” was flattening before the lockdown measures were put in place. Mortality is at a lower level than in previous years. The PCR test, which was never designed as a diagnostic test and gives up to 94% false positive results, is used by the oligarch- and government-controlled mainstream and social media platforms to terrorize populations for the purpose of obtaining obedience. The illusion of a pandemic is stoked by doctors being forced to attribute virtually every death to “COVID”. Medical staff and doctors are intimidated to prevent them speaking the truth about the fake pandemic. In the UK, the death certificate is being changed to prevent relatives being able to question the cause of death.

ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ’S OPEN LETTER to the President of the United States of America: A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations. In several nations this plan has already been approved and financed; in others it is still in an early stage. Behind the world leaders who are the accomplices and executors of this infernal project, there are unscrupulous characters who finance the World Economic Forum and Event 201, promoting their agenda.

You’ll Take The Great Reset—And Like It: Conspiracies have taken on a bad name in our woke culture, relegated to the status of theory. Yet not all conspiracies are theories. Some are actual. Take MK Ultra, our beneficent government’s once-secret plan to use brainwashing techniques, created in Germany circa 1944 and brought to this country by their originators, to create secret spies, killers, and whatnot. They say it didn’t work.

The Chinese Connection: From the Clintons to Biden, Inc.

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