Joe Biden: Forgo Your Traditions White Man

Biden – Americans Need To ‘Forgo’ Holiday Traditions This Year: As Democrat leaders across the country arrogantly ignore their own COVID-19 restrictions (over and over and over), their leader – Joe Biden – has asked Americans to “forgo” holiday traditions this year. In a monotone Thanksgiving eve address against a yellow “Office of the President Elect” backdrop (an office which doesn’t actually exist), the presumptive president-elect said that every American has “a responsibility” to take coronavirus seriously and ‘redouble our efforts’ to fight the disease. “This year we are asking Americans to forgo so many of the traditions that have long made this holiday,” said Biden, before urging people to limit travel and practice social distancing to reduce the risk of exposure – noting that he and wife Jill Biden will be spending Thanksgiving with their daughter and son-in-law, while their other children will be doing their own thing “in small groups” (which may include hookers and crack).

Joe Biden Urges Americans to Forgo Thanksgiving Traditions amid Coronavirus

We Haven’t Seen This Much Suffering On Thanksgiving Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s

No apologies. As a direct descendant of William White and his wife Susanna Jackson (White) 10th Great-Grandparents, and their son Peregrine White and his wife Sarah Basset (White), it just isn’t going to happen.

My 9th Great-Grandfather Peregrine White, first English child to be born to the Pilgrims, was one year and 4 months when the Settlers and Wampanoag Indians shared the autumn harvest. And to that, I am grateful.

I would love to have a face to face with Joe Biden. Maybe he’d want to beat me up too? I’d take him up on it. His son would do. Maybe the Secret Service Detail can arrange it?

Son of the Pilgrims. Son of the Indian Wars. Son of the American Revolution. Son of the Civil War. English, Scot, Irish, Welsh, Germanic.

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”


So my wife wasn’t really interested in her genealogy. Well, she broke down a couple of years ago and asked me to do it. So I started digging in, cross-referencing, double-triple checking (Thanks LDS), a year later I told her we were “Kissing Cousins”. She looked at me like I was crazy. No… really, I told her, I’ll prove it to you.

Turns out, we are 10th cousins once removed…

So once in awhile, at the opportune time, I ask her how’s my cousin doing. She cracks up laughing.

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