Globohomo Is Back In Full Swing

But first…

CDC Announces All Travelers Must Wear Two Masks, Threatens Arrest: Masks must be worn while waiting, boarding, traveling and disembarking, it said. The coverings need to be at least two or more layers of breathable fabric secured to the head with ties, ear loops or elastic bands — and scarves and bandanas do not count, the order says.


CDC ORDERS AIR TRAVELERS TO UNMASK FOR GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE: Putting government surveillance and control of travelers ahead of what is supposed to be their mission of protecting of the public against infectious diseases, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ordered that, effective today, all air travelers must risk their lives by removing their face masks on demand of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint staff or airline ticketing or gate agents.

Redefining Death: It is why people working 60 hours a week for $15 an hour believe in TV evangelists who live in multimillion dollar homes and travel in private jets. And it is why people believe that “400,000” have died Because Corona. They hear the sermons – which like those of the TV evangelist are full of fire and brimstone, death – and promises of salvation. Now send in $100. Or wear “your” mask.

What they want, is a globohomo army that will shoot Traditional Americans at their command.

House Dem Calls for Screening of Military Recruits’ Social Media Posts: Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) is pushing President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to include social media posts as part of a military recruit’s background check, in order to prevent “white-supremacists and extremists” from joining the military.

There’s no evidence of election fraud because it’s illegal for election officials to provide it: There is no evidence anyone cheated in the US 2020 election — and we know that for sure because there is no evidence anyone was honest either. There is just no evidence. They’ll sue you if you ask for evidence. Indeed it would be illegal if they provided some evidence. War is peace. Black is white, and ballots are not for counting.

I am sure he did. The tell…

Karl Rove – I’ve Known About John Weaver’s ‘Pattern of Behavior’ Since 1988: Veteran Republican strategist Karl Rove on Monday said he has known about Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver’s “pattern of behavior” since 1988 following a bombshell report in which Weaver was accused of sending unwanted sexually explicit messages to nearly two dozen young men.

Meanwhile, in AmeriKa…

China Revamps Education System to Promote ‘Masculinity’: China’s education ministry has vowed to enhance the “physical education and psychological direction” of male youth in response to a recent proposal on “preventing the feminization of teenage boys” by a top government policy advisor, Chinese state media reported on Sunday.

Most AmeriKans are too stupid to even grasp this…

A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven: Intriguing, isn’t it, that the State can threaten and practice all manner of violence against the serfs while refusing to tolerate any threats or even the mildest self-defense from us.

The Department of Homeland Security issued on Wednesday a nationwide terror alert lasting until April 30: The alert warns of potential terrorist attacks from Americans who are “ideologically motivated” and have “objections to the exercise of government authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”

I’m going to tell you what the Republican Party is. It has become the same Democrat Party of yesteryear. Many of you are not old enough to have seen the change. Give the Republican Party another 20 or so years, and it will resemble the Democrat Party of today.

Dozens Of Former Bush Officials Leave Republican Party, Calling It A ‘Trump Cult’: “The Republican Party as I knew it no longer exists. I’d call it the cult of Trump,” Jimmy Gurulé, who was Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the Bush administration, told the news agency.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is an idiot. But if you had been paying attention to her tenure as Department of State Press Secretary and White House Communications Director during her Obama years, you would have known that.

White House wants reporters’ questions in advance: The Marxist Daily Beast said “three sources” confirmed that Joe Biden’s communications staff members “have already on occasion probed reporters to see what questions they plan on asking new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.”

She really belongs in a mental institution.

Ocasio-Cortez – ‘I’m a survivor of sexual assault’: “I thought I was going to die,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I have never been quieter in my entire life.” The person who burst into her office was a Capitol Police officer, she said, whose attitude she described as seemingly full of anger and hostility.

Meanwhile, AOC’s children…

The actual ‘domestic terrorists’ don’t wear MAGA hats: The truth – The vast majority of criminals who rob, rape, shoot and kill Americans in the tens of thousands each year, and the people who did almost all of the rioting, looting, arson and assaults on cops in 2020, never wore MAGA hats.

Hydrocarbons are back in?

Biden Pick For Pentagon Mideast Desk Bragged That US “Owns” Syrian Oil Territory: And that one-third of Syria is the resource-rich – it’s the economic powerhouse of Syria. So where the hydrocarbons are, which obviously is very much in the public debate here in Washington these days, as well as the agricultural powerhouse.”

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