It’s Going To Be A Busy 4 Years Of Mass Shootings And Gun Control

FFS people! Get your damn shots!

Officials revealed at a press conference on Tuesday morning that some of the victims were at the store to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

You have to wonder, in the midst of this shooting, what was the point, in pointing this out? Virtue signalling.

Ahmad Al Issa’s profile was abruptly removed from the website, internet archive websites including the and the Wayback machine, and Google’s cache nearly simultaneously.

That, and this, tells you everything you need to know.

Al Issa believed he was under attack from “racist Islamophobic people” who were “hacking” his smartphone. “Yeah if these racist islamophobic people would stop hacking my phone and let me have a normal life I probably could.”

The FBI is going to be busy these next 4 years. They have no shortage of semi-retarded mentally ill patsies. And we have this to encourage them…

WH: Joe Regularly Consults Barack Obama on a ‘Range of Issues’

And, they’re back…

In case you haven’t noticed, after taking a hiatus during the COVID-19 lockdowns, mass shootings are back in the limelight and the establishment media can’t wait to use them to their advantage. In fact, they have already started.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FBI and DHS Attempt To Recruit Former Green Beret to Infiltrate and Spy on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys – But He Recorded The Conversation!


80% of Americans plan to continue wearing masks as vaccine rollout continues across the United States.

If you are not globohomo, you’re a White Supremacist Extremist.

Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military.

Millions of illegal immigrants set to get $4.38 billion in Biden COVID cash

Technocracy Will Dehumanize All Humans Into ‘Digital Assets’

IBM Partners With Moderna for COVID Reset

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