PCR Tests Cannot Detect Free Infectious Viruses At All

So we’re back to square one. Why are we even using a PCR test that its creator tells us that it is being used for a purpose that it wasn’t created for?

PCR Inventor: “It doesn’t tell you that you are sick”

“PCR tests cannot detect free infectious viruses at all”.

They are testing for RNA. Why not test for the virus itself? A virus does not make you sick. It is viral overload of the virus itself that makes you sick. The term viral load refers to the amount of virus in the blood. The higher your viral load, the more virus you have circulating in your system. When someone is infected with a virus, it replicates in their body’s cells.

And then your body reacts. The immune system produces chemicals called pyrogens, which trick the brain’s hypothalamus into sensing an artificially cool body temperature. Blood rushes to the body’s core, heating the body overall but cooling the surface — hence the chills. The body’s metabolic rate goes up and and muscles contract. The immune system’s goal: to encourage chemical reactions that will increase production of disease-fighting antibodies, stimulate activity of white blood cells and even inhibit the invading microbe’s growth.

So, you have a viral overload. If you have viral overload, it means you have millions to billions of a virus that your immune system is reacting to. Why not test for the virus itself? Why are they testing for bits and pieces of RNA that they claim are bits and pieces of the virus? If you are sick, it is because… virus overload. Now it is just a simple matter of drawing blood:

From a patient’s tissue sample, you take a small bit and spin it in a centrifuge. The material settles out in layers. Knowing which layer (by density) you’re looking for, you remove a bit from that layer, look at it under an electron microscope and photograph it. If you’ve found a new virus, you should see many identical particles of it in the photo—and, obviously, it should be something you’ve never seen before.

It then becomes a simple matter of isolating and sequencing the virus. And POOF! look at all those Covid-19 viruses!

COVID: the virus was never proven to exist.

But no, we have a PCR test. In case you thought the PCR test detects an actual virus…wrong.

Think about this. The vast majority of people who have been PCR tested, in which they found bits and pieces of RNA that they claim are bits and pieces of the virus, are not sick, did not get sick, and didn’t even know they had the bits and pieces of RNA… er, virus… er, RNA in them. Compared to the numbers that they have tested positive for the virus… er, bits and pieces of RNA, very few of those actually got sick.

The real pandemic is an outbreak of PCR testing.

Why are we testing millions and billions of people who are not sick? Do we test people for the flu who are not sick? Do we have a national/worldwide test for the flu every year, which is responsible for thousands of death worldwide, every year? It is entirely possible to have any one number of flu viruses in you, and not be, or get sick. Why are we concentrating on people who are not sick? This has never been done before.

Before you read this, see the links above:

Sweden Drops PCR Tests: RNA From Viruses Can Be Detected For Months After Infection

PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.

Where is the virus? Fear is the only virus.

The amusing thing is, during this “the most dangerous virus ever pandemic”, I have been exposed to 16 PCR Tested Positive people, that I know of, and I haven’t had so much as a sniffle. And to double-down on that, despite being exposed to these people, no one in my family has had so much as a sniffle. Not even my wife. And to double-down on that, my wife has been exposed to people at her work, who tested PCR Positive, and no one in our family has had so much as a sniffle, including me… and my wife and I sleep in the same bed. But let’s triple-down on this. I know of one person, who had flu symptoms one week before he was hospitalized. One day during that period, we both had our heads under the hood of his car, no face diapers, he is breathing on me, he is coughing no less than 12 inches from me. And a week later he is hospitalized with severe flu symptoms. Now, before he came down with these flu symptoms, he had just recently finished chemotherapy for cancer. His immune system was seriously compromised by the chemotherapy. What did they tell people before the “most dangerous virus ever pandemic” who are on chemotherapy because your immune system is seriously compromised by chemotherapy, during flu season? Any guess? So anyhow, he is hospitalized, they have him on oxygen, and giving him vitamins C, D3, Zinc, and B1. Other than that, they gave him antibiotics in case his lung infection becomes bacterial, like they do with severe flu, and cortisone to prevent his immune system from over-reacting, going haywire, just like they with severe flu. He was out in a week. And to quadtriple on this, one day after he was released from the hospital, I went to visit him, neither one of us wearing a face diaper. No one is his family has had so much as the sniffles, including his wife, who he sleeps with. He did however, tell me of his never before seen Corona-Cooties can’t taste and smell anything. So, I showed him this…

I know, because 30 or so years ago, I had the severe flu, with all the Corona-Cooties symptoms, including my loss of smell and taste. I had the flu so bad, I really believed that I was going to die. But I recovered. I still have the scarred lungs from that to this day.

You’ve seen the videos. All those Dancing Nurses, during “the most dangerous virus ever pandemic”.

Who has time to take care of “the most dangerous virus ever pandemic” patients when you are dancing for your Covid Bonuses?

Look up: The Epicenter Nurse – Erin Marie Olszewski. Although she’s not the only nurse to expose the massive Covid corruption.

Want to to up the deaths of the Corona-Cooties? Try: NY Gov. Cuomo nursing home scandal. And he’s not the only one.

One more note to inflate to Corona-Cooties death count. If you die for any reason, but have been PCR tested positive for having “Covid RNA” in your PCR test, you died of the “Covid”. Not because of the “Covid” but with the “Covid”. Which means, any number of the MILLIONS who have tested “positive”, but have no symptoms, didn’t know they had it until “tested”, but died of other reasons, would be counted as a “Covid death” because they “tested positive” for “Covid”.

But now, they are going to change the metric.

CDC director criticized for now differentiating between dying ‘from’ vs. dying ‘with’ COVID-19

Just like…

In April, the CDC issued new guidance to laboratories recommending reducing the RT-PCR CT value to 28 cycles — but only for those fully vaccinated individuals being tested for COVID.

Get on with your life people. Take off your face-diapers, breath, get some sunshine, and get you life back to normal. Stop listening to that fraud Dr. Fauci, that dementia patient Joe Biden. And most of all, when a Covid Cult Idiot gets in you face, punch them in the mouth. Live your life like none of this is real, like I, my family, and all our friends have been… since the start of this scamdemic. And for Gods sake, stop being injected with the Gene Therapy. You are setting yourself up.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement


Antibody Dependent Enhancement

“When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there will be blood in the gutter “

And when your House of Cards come tumbling down, because you took “The Jab”, who are you going to blame? The powers that be who convinced you to take “The Jab”, or those who were smart enough to turn off their Boobus Tube, did their own research, and refused “The Jab”?

And when your House of Cards come tumbling down, and the powers that be who convinced you to take “The Jab” start telling you… “It’s them! It’s the un-jabbed! It’s those who didn’t take the jab! It’s their fault!” Are you going to believe them? Probably. After all, you were stupid enough to “trust the science” of flip-flopping-data “experts” such as Dr. Fraud Fauci.

They all do it. Again and again. The face diaper is for show… when they think you are looking. Because, ya know, the most dangerous virus ever pandemic… show.

‘I Didn’t Stop to Think About It’, The Most Dangerous Virus Ever Pandemic – Whitmer ‘Apologizes’ After Getting Caught Violating Her Own Covid Orders at Lansing Dive Bar This Weekend

The “experts”…

No you can’t! Yes you can! You Can Still Get COVID-19 If You’re Fully Vaccinated. No you can’t! Yes you can!

Masks forever!

…they may still contract an infection and can potentially transmit the virus to others…

Data! We need more data! The Clinical Trials on our test subjects who have taken the Gene Therapy are not completed! Which typically lasts 5 to 10 years, sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in… clinical trials. ~ John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

I’m making fun of you.

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