W.H.O. Has Lost The Flu

Just a note here. You’ll get it, or you won’t. In the history of the Flu, we have never had a world-wide mass population test, for the Flu. Imagine those Flu CASES! numbers if we had world-wide Flu testing before “The Virus” called Covid, if we did. Imagine the number of CASES! of influenza, and the death count with influenza. Only 6% of “Covid Patients” died of COVID. 94% died with COVID.

Link courtesy William M. Briggs —>WHO Flu Tracker<—

And remember, face diapers, social distancing, hunkering down in your homes, and incessant hand-washing only work for the Flu-Cooties. Somehow, it didn’t work for the Corona-Cooties.

Which is odd. I did none of this. Lived my life as if all of this was a scam that it is. And I got nothing. I feel cheated.

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