(Update) Thank China For Eradicating The Flu.

Imagine if you will, that your government compelled MILLIONS of Americans to have a nasal swab shoved up their nose for a Influenza PCR Test every year. Imagine the MILLIONS testing positive for the Influenza. Some would die because of the Flu, some would die with the Flu (symptoms or not), some would have severe Flu and survive, some would have moderate to minor symptoms of the Flu, and some would be… Influenza asymptomatic (as many as three-quarters of all flu cases are asymptomatic, meaning they didn’t know they had until they were tested for it). But there would be MILLIONS of Flu CASES! Imagine AmeriKans crapping their diapers.

See how easy that was?


Viral overload. By wearing face-diapers. I’ve been saying it for months. Couple that with the above, and rename it COVID-19, and see what it gets you.

From the very beginning of this plandemic, I’ve been calling B.S. on it. Everyone has their stories about how they know someone who got the sniffles and tested PCR positive for the “Covid”. Everyone has their stories about how they know some who got sick, to various degrees and tested PCR positive for the “Covid”. Some even have their stories that they know someone that died and tested PCR positive for the “Covid”. Those “someones” may even be themselves. Because never, in the history of mankind, no one has ever had the sniffles, no one has ever been sick to various degrees, and no one has ever died. Not even from the… Flu.

The funny thing is, everyone in my family, including our circle of friends, have been exposed to someone who has tested PCR positive for the “Covid”. Speaking just for myself, I have been exposed, since the beginning of this plandemic, to 17 Tested PCR Positive for “Covid” people, that I know of. And… nothing. Zilch. No Flu-like symptoms… uh, “Covid” symptoms. Not one of us in my family and circle of friends have gotten sick.

Well, I take that back. I know of one person who got sick. This person had asked me to diagnose a vehicle of his. So, I drove to his house, and we popped open the hood of his vehicle, and both of us had our heads under the hood. At times, just inches apart. He was complaining that he was feeling under the weather and didn’t feel very well. It’s not like I have never, in my life-time, ever heard anyone saying, “I don’t feel very well.” He was sniffling, and he was occasionally coughing, just like people do when they get the… Flu. Did I say neither one of us were wearing face diapers?

So anyhow, I discover that his vehicle has a collapsed lifter. We close the hood of his vehicle, and head to his garage and BS for awhile. It’s not like we were doing the distancing BS. And then I go home to my wife and throughout the week, we visit family. Well, a week after diagnosing this vehicle, I get a call from this persons wife, that he is in the hospital with pneumonia… uh, the “Covid”. So I call him. They have him on oxygen and are giving him vitamins C, D3, Zinc, and B1. He tells me he feels like crap and told me they did a PCR test and they said he has the “Covid”.

Okay, so he is out of the hospital in 5 days. He is home. The day he got home, I went to visit him. Did I say that neither one of us were wearing face-diapers? Did I say that no one in his family were wearing face-diapers? Did I tell you that he had just recently finished chemotherapy for cancer, and… has type 2 diabetes? What do they warn people of, who are on chemotherapy, especially during Flu season, say like… in December?

I should mention that he told me of his “never before seen or heard of symptoms”. You know, like the dreaded “Covid” symptom of not being able to “smell or taste anything”? The first thing I told him to do, was to do some research on… Flu symptoms, from severe to minor Flu symptoms. Next, I showed him this article, note the DATE…

It can be found here. And yet the “experts” have got people proclaiming, “OMG! I had the Covid! I know, I had the never before seen or heard of Covid symptom of can’t smell or taste anything!” Fucking idiots. I had the Flu pretty bad about 30 years ago, and I had the “Covid” symptom of couldn’t “smell or taste anything”. And the “symptom” lasted for weeks after.

“But I’ve never been this sick before!” You’ve never had chemotherapy before either.

So here we are, in the midst of the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever according to the “experts”. I didn’t get sick. No one in my family or our circle of friends who were exposed to me got sick. Not even anyone in this persons family, and his circle of friends got sick. Not even my wife, who I sleep with. Not even his wife who he sleeps with. And none of us wear face-diapers.

But, but… the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever… according to the experts.

We have a lot of elderly people in our church. And every year, some of them die. That is life. That every year, old people die. Many of them, have the usual old people comorbidities. Enter the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever. Just like every year before the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever, some of the old people… die, but now with a twist. Some of them died with, you guessed it… the “Covid”. Not of the “Covid”, but with the “Covid”. How do they know? Because they PCR tested them, before or after they died. Did I mention that face-diapers were optional in our Church, and less than 2% of the people in our Church wear face-diapers, and less than 1% of the old people wear face-diapers?

Right now, I am on my 8th day of my 17th exposure to a PCR tested positive person. But not just me, my entire family and circle of friends. A family friends son had the sniffles at school. Oh noes, the sniffles! So the school made him get a PCR test, and he tested… positive. Gosh, should we postpone our granddaughters birthday party? No. We had our granddaughters birth day party. But wait! What about the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever?

What about it? According the “experts” of the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever, we, all of us, should have dropped dead in a fucking China Street, not just once, but multitude of times, determined by the number of times that we were exposed to PCR tested positive persons.

But, but… people are dying! People are getting sick! And people have the “virus” who didn’t know they had the “virus” until compelled by the “experts” of the emergency of the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever… TO GET PCR TESTED.

But, but… the most contagious and dangerous “virus” is real! They even sometime post pictures of the “virus” on stories of the “virus”! Yeah, well… start doing some heavy digging, and you will find that those images of the “virus” are rehashed images from long before the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever. Did you know that all “coronaviruses” look the same and have all those little “crowns” on them… hence “corona”?

I’m done. I’ll post articles about the most contagious dangerous “virus” ever, but I’m not commenting on them anymore other than a quip here and there. People are going to believe what they want to believe. After all, most Americans are an emotional lot. Feed them a daily continuous diet of the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever… and they’ll eat it up. They’ll saturate their very being with it until they become a Covid-Cult of Covid-Idiots. I have no doubt in my heart, that if the “experts” had told people that the most contagious way to spread the “virus” was through farts (Oops! Hahaha!), and the best way to prevent it was to insert a vibrating butt-plug up their ass, they would do it. After all, must we not “stop the spread” of the most contagious and dangerous “virus” ever? Is it not your “patriotic” duty? USA! USA! USA! 9-1-1! 9-1-1!

I’ll leave you with some reason and logic, not that most Americans today are capable of it, when they have a slew of Government and TeeVee “experts”, and even some TeeVee entertainment staurz “experts”, telling them to… Crap your pants.

As for this Dr. Fauci character. He was a fraud from the beginning. And you didn’t know that, from the beginning, right? But not for the reason they want you to believe. And if you don’t think this whole show is bigger than him, then you are stupid.

And remember, whether the “virus” is of nature, or man-made, if the “virus” is true, then so must be the Gain of Function Gene Therapy “Vaccine” for the “virus”.

Go get your “vaccine” people.

There was a saying at the dawn of the Internet: garbage in, garbage out. But that was never the case. The predominant theme was always: garbage in, garbage eaten and digested and deployed.

Shocking Speech by Thierry Baudet about 2010 Document Exposes Rockefeller Foundation and Globalist Scheme (VIDEO):

One of the most influential NGOs in the world developed several scenarios for the future of technology and international development. This report and in this report the Rockefeller Foundation describes the so-called “lick step Scenario” on the coming of a worldwide pandemic and its aftermath. Already in 2010, according to the scenario- and I have it here with me- the Chinese would be the first, to begin with, “required quarantine for all citizens.. that is a quote- and immediate and almost heretic closing off of all borders.

National leaders would strengthen their power with laws, rules, and restrictions from the requirement of wearing masks to body temperature checks to enter their stations, planes, buildings, It all comes in here. But it doesn’t even stop there.

Baudet said, “Even after the Pandemic is over, the researchers wrote the authoritarian control would remain with supervision of the citizens and their activities.”

Only in China, could they have, by its very nature, pulled off this massive psyops con-job on America, and the world. People suddenly dropping dead in the streets. Bodies stacked and packed on sidewalks. Armed Chinese in hazmat suits pulling people off the streets and from their homes. And etc. China videos. And I have been saying it for months. And the West was in on it. And knew it. They didn’t need some flunky ass “escaped from Wuhan Lab virus”. All they needed was a massive psyop job and certain people of the West to incessantly play on it, while repurposing the fucking FLU.

It’s all been a scam, a massive psyops on you. Even the “The virus escaped from the Wuhan Lab in China” is a scam.

Plant the seed. Deny the seed. Keep it bundled up for later, when the natives get restless. Then pull out the seed, plant it, and water it. It’s a distraction. Do you believe that China, by its very nature of what it is, gives one iota of a crap that people are suddenly pointing fingers at it? What is America going to do? Make it pay a Gorillion dollars? Nuke it?

You have all been set up to take the Gain of Function Gene Therapy Jab, the decimation of your economy, and all the restrictions of your freedoms and liberties. That is what it is about. Has always been about. By the same people who believe that China is the template for a NWO, now called The Great Reset.

But wait! If “The Virus” is true, and escaped from Wuhan, then the “Vaccine” must be true, to… to… to what? Well, if you believe an actual virus escaped the Wuhan, then by all means, get your Gain of Function Gene Therapy Jab for “The Virus”. Keep wearing your face diapers. Keep social distancing. Just keep giving up your freedoms and liberty. And sure as shit, get your new “I took the jab” freedom to travel, buy, and sell papers.

Idiots. You are never going to defeat these people, because you CAN NOT think like these people. You just can not believe that anyone could think this up, because you are smarter than them. Well, you’re not smarter than the one they worship. The one they have sold their soul to. And many of you, whether you realize it or not, want to admit, are on their side in one way or another. Whether it is the dot over the i, or the whole book. They just string you along by your noses every which way, by whatever narrative suits them. But, but… Trump was right about the Wuhan Lab, but wrong about the vaccine! That is some serious cognitive dissonance crap right there, which has been the whole point in this whole massive psyops job.

And this, The Patriot Bowel Movement Club, always talking about “Thinking outside the box”. FFS. They can’t even get inside the box, to think outside the box.

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