A Republic, If You Can Keep It

ZG Sends: On The US Constitution’s Long-Term Use In Tyranny Justification

It’s the usual freedomista crowd always bitching and moaning about the constitution… because it doesn’t enforce, nor defend itself with the 2A, from the people who usurp it. Anyone have an idea of how the 2nd Amendment is ultimately enforced? Anyhow, they have been yapping and flapping their lips on this for years.

Meddle meeting meddle…

Right. Almost forgot…

Anyone remember this freedomista nonsense…

Update: To be fair, while one half of the Patriot Bowel Movement are moaning and groaning that the consteetooshun doesn’t sprout arms and legs and pull a nuke out of its ass to defend and enforce itself, the other half is moaning and groaning that some dead old white guys won’t resurrect themselves and lead the freedumb forces to consteetooshun victory. Yep. Ya’ll are looking so far back, all you see when you turn around are your asses.

Update: Try some Preparation H.

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