He’s Reaching! Introducing The “Not Reaching” Pouches!

DHS And Police Think Motorists Should Put Drivers Licenses In Clear Bags

Jefferson’s murder took place early on a Saturday morning when an officer was dispatched to Jefferson’s home because her door was slightly ajar.

Cop Gets Insultingly Low ‘Manslaughter’ Charge for Killing Innocent Teen Holding a Plastic Bottle

‘Officer of the Year’ Arrested for Sodomizing Innocent Man With Finger to Look for Non-Existent Drugs

Cops Arrested After Beating Teen So Violently, They Left Boot Marks on His Face — For a Speeding Ticket

FBI Robs 800 Safety Deposit Boxes, Steal People’s Life Savings, Claiming Cash Smelled Like Drugs

Cop Admits He Used ‘Incest App’ and Paid $200 to Rape 2 Young Children, 8 and 10

80yo Army Vet Facing Fines, Jail for Butterfly Garden He Planted in His Front Yard

Police Chief Busted Paying Woman So He Could Repeatedly Rape Her Child

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