Covid: A Dark Bad Winter


Update: Covid-Idiot responds….

Zinsky’s Darwinian “changing environment’, and “scientific method”.

Figure it out yet?

CDC Director Walensky: Covid Vaccines “Cannot Prevent Transmission” of China Coronavirus (VIDEO)

But, but… my vaccination doesn’t work unless you are vaccinated!

These people are retards. And you let them rule over you. If the “vaccinated” can get sick from that which they are “vaccinated” from, then they, being “vaccinated”, can pass on to the “vaccinated” that which they are “vaccinated” from. And when everyone is “vaccinated”, only the “vaccinated” will be passing on their sickness, of which they are “vaccinated” from, to each other. How frikken hard is it to grasp that? In other words, the “vaccine” prevents nothing.

CDC allows hospitals to classify dead vaxxed people as “unvaccinated”

Our Exposure To Multiple PCR Tested Cooties Cases

But… but… but…

7 thoughts on “Covid: A Dark Bad Winter

  1. Zinsky probly walks by a refrigerated truck of.covid deceased everyday. Truck has been sitting there since february, but that’s ok with Zinsky. In fact, Zinsky imagines more trucks filled with people he doesn’t like, which is everybody.

    Charles Darwin would’ve exploded the truck, or at least pushed it in the river since it is A SOURCE OF CORONA VIRUS. 30% of covid deaths in ny metro area. 30% of refrigerated body trucks are there, too.

    Charles Darwin would call Zinsky a ‘hopelessly limited mung-hee’

  2. Hey Zinsky, you Covidian cult members think you’re so smart as you get sick and die from the “vaccine”, the vaccine is the panicdemic. Each dose weakens your immune system. Why do you think that they want never ending booster shots ? Ever occur to you that if the “vaccine” was 100% safe, pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t need to be shielded from liability ? Ever think that if it was effective, the “vaccinated” wouldn’t be catching Covid. Yeah I know the talking point, the “vaccine” doesn’t work unless the unvaccinated get it, for the first time in the history of vaccines ! Keep telling yourself how smart you are.

  3. It is absolutely Darwinian to watch these brain-damaged Trumpers refuse to take a safe, effective and free vaccine and drop like flies, rather than admit they are wrong – stupid and gullible. As Darwin predicted, those members of a species poorly suited to adapt to a changing environment will die off while the more intelligent, capable members of society will thrive. They would rather read moronic garbage on websites like this and take horse de-worming tablets than follow the established scientific method. Adios, Losers!

    • Zinsky, are you really that stupid or did it take 12 years of our sick schooling system to turn your brains to mush. I had a hard time understanding what you wrote. It is not we Trump Supporters who are taking that fake vaccine, (which is not a vaccine you moron), it is the stupid people with low IQs who cannot think for themselves. For you information idiots the “Established Scientific Method” has been hijacked by the likes of Anthony Fauci. My other half worked the in the lab at UCSD for five years and neither he nor I will take that vaccine. Please do avail yourself of real news instead of that diet of shit coming from the MSM.
      Do you have any fuquing idea how many have died from that mRNA fake vaccine? It has been calculated that over a hundred thousand have died FROM taking that jab..
      That snark about Horse Dewormer is the icing on the cake. You have to be an idiot to believe what CNN said about Steven Crowder taking it. You mentioning that in your comment tells me you truly are a moron as are those who listen to CNN. Jesus dude, get your head out of your ass and wake the hell up !!!

    • Zinsky, sorry you think I am brain dead. My family has NEVER had any “vaccine” and we are never going to get one either. We keep our bodies and minds healthy by living a clean and pure life, breathing fresh air, getting lots of sunlight, eating only home cooked fresh foods, and avoiding the company of total brain dead idiots like you.

      • Toucheè…hard to believe how ANYONE can submit to being poisoned—with so much evidence of terribly ill-effects being shown on the internet

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