Fauci: Flu Plus Covid Equals 21-22 Dark Winter

According to the John Hopkins University Covid Map, 48,185,973 Americans have PCR tested positive for the “Covid” to date. 99.76% of Americans have survived the “Covid”. 0.23% of the American population of 332,954,862 have died from the “Covid”.

Pay attention.

Pay attention.



Millions of Boobus AmeriKanus still have not caught on.

Me: Almost 31 years ago, I had the severe influenza and it almost killed me. I still have the scarred lungs from it to this day. It didn’t feel natural at all.

Jack Posobiec: “Had covid last year.”



The most contagious, dangerous, deadly virus ever.

But… but… but… Just get on the damn train!


Wink-Wink… get those jabs, and don’t forget your booster jab!

How convenient


But within hours there were already vaccines for the new variant.

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