Aesop: Federal Courts On Vaxx Mandates

The Resistance.

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Also Aeslop:

Also Aeslop:

Also Aeslop:

More Aeslop:

But it’s absolutely an exception-proof argument for you wearing a snot mask – not to protect you, but to protect everyone else from you – to curb the spread of the virus, and washing your g## d###ed hands, without exception, in 50 states and 7 territories, until this is either stamped out, or beaten by a Hail Mary vaccine. Wearing a sneeze mask is not communism, and washing your booger hookers is not Hitler, no matter about your pwecious feelz, Snowflake. Exactly like about 90% of you aren’t doing, by observation, far outside of the local area.

And that’s why you’ll keep screwing yourselves, harder and faster, until even the dimmest bulbs amongst you figure that out. Almost like Joseph Lister, Louis Pasteur, and Ignaz Semmelweiss all knew what they were talking about 150 years ago.

Also Aeslop:

Which I find amusing. That all his Covid musings were/are scripted right off the MSM internet and tele-vision.

You can find more of the Aeslop “Patriot Movement” Covid schizophrenia here.

The same guy who told us we were all going to die from Ebola, is the same guy telling us we are all going to die from the Coronavirus.

They are everywhere:

Natural News Health Ranger Liberty Fraud: Actually no, masks do NOT kill, and choosing not to wear one is an unnecessary risk More Mike Adams But… but… The masks masquerade

BREAKING: New analysis reveals President Trump must lock down the USA just like Italy in order to break the chain of exponential spread of the coronavirus… all air traffic and road traffic must be halted

Almost everything that they argued for has taken a 180 degree turn. But they still believe in the “Covid”.

Reeds flapping their lips whichever way the wind is blowing.

Update Health Ranger Mike Adams:

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