Russian Air Defense

Russia is now placing anti-missile/aircraft systems on buildings throughout Moscow. Including the Russian Defense Ministry.

This is a pretty big step to take… for nothing. Right?

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley for the first time met with his Ukrainian counterpart in person on Tuesday, traveling to an undisclosed site in Poland near the Ukrainian border, the Pentagon confirmed.

Milley next plans to travel to Brussels, where he will participate in high-level NATO meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, followed by a gathering of the Ukraine Contact Group at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on Thursday and Friday. Milley will be joined by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and about 50 other top defense officials from NATO as they look to coordinate future military aid to Ukraine.   

In other news…

As a string of attacks on electrical substations unfolded in Oregon and Washington in 2022, the FBI was warning utilities of white supremacists’ plots to take down the nation’s power grid

Even if the FBI have to do it themselves.

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