In Memory Of My Dog Mikki

What can I say, but thank you for all the love, joy, fun, and affection.

June 2006 – August 29, 2021. Natural causes. At his side, at his last breath. 3 PM.

Run in green fields forever buddy.

The little black dog, Lucky, has finally come out of his stupor. We got him from some Ranchers we know that rescued him from a Puppy Mill. Mikki was about middle age when we got Lucky. Wife: Can we take him home? Me: Sure, why not. So we brought him home. I thought Mikki was going to kill him. My wife wanted to immediately take Lucky back. I told her Mikki hasn’t drawn any blood yet, so let’s see what happens. About a week or so, they’re rolling around on floor playing like kids. That little turd wouldn’t leave the old man alone. Always instigating something.

To be honest, I miss the Old Man.