Covid Has Corrupted The West


And we of the West have let our Covid Masters corrupt us.

We let this happen.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

White Supremacy In Action

Covid: Please Stop Talking About The Chinese Virus There Isn’t One

Dr. David Martin – No More Mister Nice Guy

Stop using the language that keeps us enslaved.

Vaccine Vector:

When you become dependent on the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

FDA has in effect classified for 55 years the data upon which it based a decision to license Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine


Fauci: Flu Plus Covid Equals 21-22 Dark Winter

According to the John Hopkins University Covid Map, 48,185,973 Americans have PCR tested positive for the “Covid” to date. 99.76% of Americans have survived the “Covid”. 0.23% of the American population of 332,954,862 have died from the “Covid”.

Pay attention.

Pay attention.



Millions of Boobus AmeriKanus still have not caught on.

Me: Almost 31 years ago, I had the severe influenza and it almost killed me. I still have the scarred lungs from it to this day. It didn’t feel natural at all.

Jack Posobiec: “Had covid last year.”



The most contagious, dangerous, deadly virus ever.

But… but… but… Just get on the damn train!


Wink-Wink… get those jabs, and don’t forget your booster jab!

How convenient


But within hours there were already vaccines for the new variant.

Covid: We Are Here To Develop “The Great Narrative”.


This never ceases to amaze me. Here they are, your “leaders” having a grand old time, while demanding you wear face diapers. And you wear face diapers, while they SPIT – IN – YOUR – FACE. And Boobus doesn’t catch on.


There are more of you, than there are of them. And the Western Peoples just cower in obedience.

Covid: Nu

Highly mutated ‘Nu’ Covid strain found in South Africa

All Four Botswana “Nu” Variant Patients Were Fully Vaccinated

FBI: Trolling Traditional Americans

The FBI deleted it. Someone in the FBI probably realized he is one of its operatives.


Meanwhile: Antifa member takes ax to GOP senator’s office, Dems give him money, FBI gives him back his axe

Covid: China and It’s Western Sinophiles

It has all been so obvious.

This is why I no longer follow the self-proclaimed “Watchers” anymore.


“This is it! This is the BIG one! Game Over! Millions are going to die! We did the math!”


“The Covid is real! Don’t take the jab for the Covid!”

How many people do you know in America who have suddenly dropped dead in a “China Street”?