Deliberately Lying Or Really Stupid

Are they deliberately lying to make political points… or are they really this stupid?

As I said before, many countries are tired of being ripped off and beaten over the head by the “Worlds Reserve Currency” and its Globohomo Subsidiaries.


People get pissed at me for posting this, but it is the truth.

And AmeriKa, and its people, are to blame.


60 Percent Of Americans Say China A Bigger Threat Than Russia: Poll

So I had a little fun with the Steve Bannon Ultra-MAGA Warroom crowd going on about the invasion of Iraq yesterday.

The Steve Bannon Ultra-MAGA Warroom slogan.

Can we just face the fact that both China and Russia are Nationalists? Whatever form of government they have. And face the fact the some countries don’t want to be Globohomo’ed by USA Bigly Globohomo like USA Bigly Globohomo’ed Europe? And face the fact, that Russia for example, doesn’t need USA Bigly permission to sell oil and gas to willing buyers in Europe, or elsewhere.

The stick it in your face degenerate flag flying in the US Embassy in Moscow. The USA of Gay.

But… but… Muh Freedom! Muh speech! Muh ideology!

If it were all really about “Muh Freedom! Muh speech! Muh ideology!” there never would have been a decoupling from the British Empires… “Muh Freedom! Muh speech! Muh ideology!” Americans, by and large, are so fucking stupid… “WTF does that even mean, man?” A house divided can not stand. Not the Colonists nor the British fought so LGBTQIA+Etc. Degeneracy can saturate the psyche of it’s peoples. Yet… here we are.

Another of the USA of Gay MAGA slogans: OMG! Russia and China and several other countries are decoupling from the USA of Gay Monetary System, creating their own Monetary System, and joining BRICS! How dare these countries not go down the financial abyss with Degenerate Globohomo West! How dare they not allow USA Bigly Globohomo use its Monetary System as a gun to their heads! See: Sanctions and confiscations.

In case you didn’t know, your Faith and Credit Dollar is worth about .03 Cents today of the 1913 Dollar.

Caesar Donaldus Trumpus will save us!

What is Caesar Donaldus Trumpus, who couldn’t even cross the Rubicon, going to save you from? God’s Judgement?

The immutable laws of toleration is upon you. You own it… Western Man.


Trump is asking his Trumpites to protest.

Intel Jack weighs in with some derp…


Go watch the movie The Matrix again. That is the world 99.9% of the peeples live in. And there is only one rule, The Matrix rules. And everyone is playing by the rules of The Matrix. Whether it is the rules of the Left, Right, Liberals, Conservatives… they are the rules of The Matrix. And The Matrix always wins. Because, 99.9% of the peeples can not think outside of The Matrix. They are the pod peeples.

Crazy huh?

You are all being played and manipulated.


Trump Lawyer: About That Tuesday “Arrest” Date, Nevermind

Editor’s Note:  I’ve said all along that Trump is merely playing his part in all of this.  He is one of them and this alleged arrest coming this week is quite interesting, don’t you think?  It will only prove to bolster support for him, the “father of the vaccine.”  Watch and see.

AmeriKa Did It To Itself

We have used the Federal Reserve Note, the world’s Reserve Currency, as a weapon against weaker nations for far to long. Consider the freezing of assets and sanctions against Russia. Refuse to be a vassal of USA Globohomo and pay the price. Or, we’ll just use it as loans, to rape the resources of weaker countries.