Jaw-Dropping Covid Injection

A Jaw-Dropping 769 Athletes have Collapsed While Competing Over The Past Year

833 Athlete Cardiac Arrests and Serious Issues, 540 Dead, Following Covid Injection

15 Fully Vaxxed Tennis Players Drop Out Of Miami Open

April 2020:

And here I am, 2+ years later, trying to wrap around my head the abject stupidity of people who took the Gain of Function Gene Therapy. I’ve posted this screen-shot elsewhere and have had people actually ask me, “What am I looking at? I don’t understand it.”

And Boobus AmeriKanus are freaking out over…

Chinese People Kneel before Authorities to Get their Vaccine Passports Scanned

I’m still waiting for more videos to come out of China of people suddenly dropping dead in the streets of the “virus” and bodies stacked on the sidewalks. Remember those back in early 2020? But of course, Boobus AmeriKanus is using this to say, “See? The virus must be real!”

Elite D.C. appears to be getting pummeled with Covid

Let’s do this again…


Covid: Contrived Samples And Specimens

Up to 75% of the population who get the influenza are asymptomatic. With and without the influenza jab.

My question is, why are people who have been jabbed and “boosted” still getting tested for the “Covid”? Especially when they are showing no signs whatsoever of being ill? And how does being asymptomatic prove that the “vaccine” is working? The first jab wasn’t released until Dec. 14, 2020, but…

Custom date range: Dec 1, 2019 – Dec 31, 2020…

So tell me, how does getting the Gain of Function Gene Therapy Jab, then testing positive for the “Covid”, and being “asymptomatic”, prove that the jab works in light of the fact that prior to the “vaccine”, most people who tested positive for the “Covid” were… asymptomatic?

Why are people so stupid, that they can’t see that they are STILL being gaslighted into taking the Gain of Function Gene Therapy?

PCR Test.



Fucking idiots…


Still can’t see it… huh?

It’s not that they are spitting globs of mucus on your faces. It’s the fact that most people are wiping it off and… eating it.

The “Vaccine” Is The Virus

I warned you. So did a few others. And you called us kooks. And as far as I know, I am the only one who said, before the “vaccine” was released, that they would not be a one time jab, but that the first jab would be the cornerstone, the foundation, that all other jabs thereafter would be built upon. And here we are.

Imagine if you will, that your government compelled MILLIONS of Americans to have a nasal swab shoved up their nose for a Influenza PCR Test every year. Imagine the MILLIONS testing positive for the Influenza. Some would die because of the Flu, some would die with the Flu (symptoms or not), some would have severe Flu and survive, some would have moderate to minor symptoms of the Flu, and some would be… Influenza asymptomatic (as many as three-quarters of all flu cases are asymptomatic, meaning they didn’t know they had until they were tested for it). But there would be MILLIONS of Flu CASES! Imagine the government exacerbating the Flu with all of its lock-down measures. Imagine wearing a face diaper to overload you with carbon monoxide and viral/bacterial overload by re-inhaling the viruses and bacteria you exhaled from your lungs and trapped on the inside of your face diaper. Imagine Medical “Covid” Malpractice. Imagine AmeriKans crapping their diapers.

OMG! We need a Vaccine!

Surprise! Why, we have a Gain of Function Spike Protein Gene Therapy Jab just for you!

See how easy that was?

But you all want to believe that the non-existent “Covid” was so bad-ass, it kicked out the influenza. And/or, that your face diapering eliminated the influenza, just not the non-existent “Covid”.

Even the very people all over the recently released “Pfizer Documents” can not let go of the “Covid”. But then, they were also the same people crapping their pants over the scamdemic.

Remember going back to the beginning of the scamdemic that they were hyping cruise ships being quarantined because of “Covid Cases”? Remember when no one, except me that I know of, went to my search-bar, typed in “Cruise-ship illness outbreaks” and then used the custom date range of 1/1/2000 to 1/1/2019? Remember when you found out that ship-borne illnesses were not uncommon?

And here we are today: Fully vaccinated ship docks in San Francisco with multiple COVID cases aboard

Are you so stupid that you can not see through the Bull-shit? First they sold you the influenza is the Covid, to sell you the “vaccine”, to give you an actual “virus”… that your own body creates. These people are smart and they played this out well. But they’re not that smart… it’s just that most people are stupider than they are.

Hey! Have you heard? There is a new “variant” called the “Xe”! And it’s the mostest super-duper transmissible “variant” yet!

So what is it now… the Covid-Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta-Epsilon-Zeta-Eta-Theta-Iota-Kappa-Lambda-Mu-Deltacron-Omicron-Flurona-Xe variants?

They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.

I’m not going to say that my family and I didn’t experience any hardships through this, because we did. But if you want to know how we survived it… it is because we ignored it as much as possible. We didn’t stop going out. We didn’t stop our family get-togethers. We kept living our lives as normal as possible. And none of us fell for the hype.

I’m not going to make light of these peoples suffering. But let’s just face the fact that these people turned on their tele-visions… and freaked. They let themselves be saturated with all the “Covid” hype. Then just blindly followed the mandates. Blindly followed the government and MSM. And the sad thing is, people that call themselves “The Watchers” like Mike Adams from Natural News and Health Ranger Report, Steve Quayle, Hal Turner, Common Sense Show, All News Pipeline, a whole host of Patriot Websites and Blogs, and etc. got on board and perpetuated all the fear-mongering, and some cases, pushed the “vaccine”… until they didn’t. And what is even sadder, is that many of these same people, while eventually getting on board the anti-Covid-vax, are still pushing the Covid is real.

And you are all just as responsible for all this fear-mongering as is your government and its mouthpiece the MSM.

I’m trying to remember which one of these dumb-asses told us that “wearing face diapers is not communism”. I do remember Mike Adams got on board the face diapering and for awhile was selling face diapers on his Health Ranger Store. And some of these people were… How to make your own face diaper! How to make your own Hand Sanitizer, and etc.

Covid: The Honkening Of The Honk-Honk Honk (Update)

Tyranny is possible when…

When you keep being nice. They like nice. They like doormats. They like it when you let them arrest you. They like it when you let them walk all over you.

And you whimper.

Most of you don’t know it, but you are already on the Train.

This is happening because: No one fought for a damn thing. Being doormats and allowing yourselves to be trodden under foot, beaten, bloodied, and allowing yourselves to be arrested while your freedumb brothers and sisters just stand there, watch, and do nothing, is not the “front line of fighting for freedom”.

Well, D.C. ought to be fun.

Covid: Honk – Eat Your Vaccine

Researchers Now Putting COVID mRNA Vaccines Into Vegetables To Vaccinate The Unvaccinated:

NOQ Report indicated that one possible motive behind this project is the fact that many do not want to get vaccinated against COVID-19. By putting the vaccines in the food people eat (including tomatoes, as seen in the video above), more can get inoculated – especially those who refuse the jab but don’t know the salad on their table is enough to vaccinate them.

Military Lawyer Says Genetic Changes From “Vaccine” Creating New Human Species:

Meet the virus. I screen-shot this back in April 2020:

My Bottom Line on the Existence of the Virus, Its Isolation and Sequencing:

Here it is: Virologists are saying and writing they’ve found a purple man with pink hair and green lips and four arms living a thousand miles under the surface of a planet in the next solar system over. And he causes disease. Then they’re saying, “Prove us wrong.” On top of that, they’re saying, “You can’t watch us work while we discover such creatures.” Conclusion: the purple man doesn’t exist.

Once Again, Exuberant Optimism and Doublespeak Are Creating a False Sense of ‘Hope’

Since ‘Covid-19’ has never once been proven to exist, has never once been properly separated, isolated, or identified; all those claiming to be against the pandemic but in full acceptance of the narrative that ‘Covid-19’ is a legitimate ‘virus,’ should be heavily scrutinized. The list of these people is long, and many of them are greatly respected and promoted by alternative reporting news organizations and sites. Why is this so, given that there is absolutely not one piece of factual accounting of anything known as ‘Covid-19?’ No such thing as any sample of ‘Covid’ has been taken from any single sick individual, separated from the tainted material surrounding it, or isolated in any way in any lab open to review. So why are all these so-called ‘experts’ allowed carte blanche in condemning the deadly and fake shot falsely called a ‘vaccine,’ and at the same time promoters of the narrative that ‘Covid’ is real, and alternative cures are available? Available for what purpose? Since there is no proof of anything called ‘Covid,’ how can there be a cure for it, or for any ‘variant’ of a non-proven mystery ‘virus?’

Let’s take the Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA Technology, who actually took the Moderna jab and says he was injured by it. To paraphrase: “The Covid is real! Don’t take the Covid Vaccine for the real Covid!” Controlled opposition.

Start ticking some things off the top of your head that are dependent on Boobus Covidus AmeriKanus believing in the “Covid”.

By the way, those unsanctioned “alternative cures” work well for the influenza too.

I’m going to say that maybe 1 out of 100 get it. 99 out of 100 want their ears tingled… whether it is Fauci, or Malone and et al.

What gets me, those in the Freedom/Truth movement wouldn’t see a PsyOps if it were spitting in their faces.

BTW: Department of Homeland Security issued a National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin

According to this bulletin, we the people have been reclassified from citizens to terrorists; we the people pose a grave “threat” to the nation because we are guilty of promoting “mis- dis- and mal-information,” which is code language for anyone who criticizes the government’s policies on vaccines, election integrity and theoretically any other hot-button issue they don’t want to hear your opinion about.