Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 69 (JOO Edition)

I always get a kick out of this shit…

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But seriously, if there were 1 Jew among 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 1,000, 1,000,000 White people, Black people, Brown people, Red people, Yellow people, all spouting off about The Bad White People… IT’S THE J00s! H/T WRSA

Holy Red Heifer! There are some Jews, who believe if you don’t think like them, you’re a Fascist, Racist, White Nationalist. And if you don’t think like some White people, Black people, Brown people, Red people, Yellow people… you’re a Fascist, Racist, White Nationalist too! OMG! J00ish mind control!

But then, some people actually believe that we are the Jews Bitch! The Jews control the world! The Jews are the Master Race! The Jews have Jewdi Mind Control! The Jews turn White Peoples into Jewish Bagels, Leftists, Commies, and homosexuals! Behold the Power of the Jews!

People, of all ethnicity, can think for themselves. That there are Leftists, Socialists, and Communists… of all ethnicity, has nothing to do with the… J00s.

I’m getting to it. Patience!

Anyhow… Oh look! Look at what the J00s are doing!

Ohio Somali Market Owners Accused of $10 Million Food Stamp Fraud

Parents warn kids against YouTube ‘killer Jump Trip Challenge’ after two deaths

EU to Create Transatlantic Facial-Recognition Database with Link to US – The US is expanding and consolidating its own biometric databases, paralleling the EU’s streamlining of Prüm.

Terrorism-Linked CAIR Protests My Scheduled Talk at US Army War College — Again


The World’s Largest Colonization Is Underway

WATCH: Blue Lives Matter Cop Punches Innocent Man in the Head 12 Times, Jokes About It with Fellow Blue Lives Matter Cops

Florida: 17-year-old boy converts to Islam, slits throat of 13-year-old, killing him for mocking his new religion

Infowars Crew Member Attacked and Left Bloodied By Crazed Leftists at Bernie Sanders Rally – I bet they were J00s! At the least, Jewdi Mind Controlled by the J00s! Bernie Sanders is JEWISH! Bernie Sanders Mind Control!

Homosexual Pete Buttigieg Gives Advice to a Prepubescent 9-Year-Old Boy About How To Come Out As Homosexual – The J00s turned Pete homosexual! It’s that Jewdi Mind Control!

It’s Not Russia Attacking Our Society It’s Our Own Ruling Class (Video) – Watch the video and watch all them J00s spouting off Russia, Russia, Russia! Why, they even turned on one of their own!

Trump Trolls Mueller Amid Reports Kremlin is Helping Bernie Sanders’ Campaign, ‘Bob Will Get to the Bottom of it!’ – Is good ol’ Bob J00ish? Or is it Jewdi Mind Control?

Supremes to decide if Christians can be forced to violate their faith – Will the 2 J00s use Jewdi Mind Control on the rest of the SCOTUS members?

Christians fight for right to provide foster care

FLASHBACK: Massive Russia-collusion election plot by DEMOCRATS – And don’t forget, Ted Kennedy was a… J00!

Ruh-Roh! Virgil: ‘Mask Off’ – Democrat Elites Prefer Trump to J00ish Sanders

Missouri City, Texas, Police Department Ignorant Of The Law – I’m betting it’s a J00ish Police Dept.!

Gruesome Video Shows Cops Kill Family’s Dog in Front of Kids, Force Dad to Cut Off Its Head – Hmmmmmm… Black J00ish Hebrew maybe?

Only The King’s Men Can Hunt The Royal Forests – Says our J00ish overlords!

Thousands of people queue to buy face masks in astonishing drone footage from South Korea as the country is gripped by coronavirus outbreak


8,000 Californians Put Under “Self-Imposed Quarantine”

Fairview Developmental Center near Los Angeles, where US govt. tried to house up to 50 infected coronavirus patients, has zero isolation rooms, no viral containment facilities and no training for BSL-4 biohazards – That’s our J00ish government for you!

Church hosts what may be one of the largest women-only concealed carry classes in state

Ancient woman with ‘ALIEN-LIKE’ SKULL unearthed in Russia (VIDEO) – More than likely an ancient J00ish Bolshevik!

And the White Nationalist crowd would be better off manning up to their lack of White qualities, and manning up their White qualities, rather than spending all day, every day, 24/7, sniveling and kvetching about how some Jews (and some other ethnicities, including Whites) stole their manhood and Master Raced their Whiteness.

But first…

White People.

It’s hilarious to watch all these White People on Gab, and other social media, arguing over what the meaning of being White is… is. I guess being White is bitching and moaning about no one allowing you to be… White? Here’s a novel idea, just be White, whatever being White is… is.


Oh FFS. Don’t you have a Woden or Nymphs to worship? Maybe join the Thule Society?

UNESCO: Climate Denial To Be Criminalized And Prosecuted – By the J00s?

Bernie Sanders Takes National Lead Among Black Voters – Who are turning into Black J00ish Hebrews by Jewdi Mind Control… er, Jew Bernie Mind Control!

U.N. Chief Guterres Demands Action on Gender Inequality, Persecution, Climate, and… ‘Killer Robots’ – The J00s using Jewdi Mind Control on the United Nations!

Softness As Their Crowning Virtue

“Your servant used to keep sheep for his father. And when there came a lion, or a bear, and took a lamb from the flock, I went after him and struck him and delivered it out of his mouth. And if he arose against me, I caught him by his beard and struck him and killed him. Your servant has struck down both lions and bears, and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be like one of them, for he has defied the armies of the living God.” (1 Samuel 17:34-36)

Like John the Baptist, violent men will take the kingdom of heaven by force.

Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 68

Get them while you can. I’m usually at Home Depot once or twice a week. Just out of curiosity, I went down the Filter Mask aisle and sure enough, everything was gone except for about 10 N95 Masks and a couple of respirators. I went ahead and bought 5 of them to add to our stock of N/P 100. Of course, these should have already been in your “pantry” huh?

Coronavirus “Is Up To 20 Times More Likely To Bind To Human Cell Receptors” Compared To SARS

Internet SHUTDOWN begins in Wuhan, China to stop the spread of truth and hide the severity of the outbreak

Covid19 Real Beast Causing Dangerous Pandemic – Chris Martenson

How Long Before We Begin Witnessing In The Streets Of America What We’re Witnessing In China?

Italy orders schools to close as deadly coronavirus spreads across country

10 Italian towns in lockdown over coronavirus fears

BREAKING: CDC caught lying? Costa Mesa files court document to block federal relocation of 35-50 INFECTED coronavirus patients to ill-prepared facility near millions of Californians

U.S. prepares for coronavirus pandemic, school and business closures: health officials

Your State Department coronavirus protection team at work


86% of ICE arrests have prior criminal charges, immigrants second-biggest prison group

DHS to Import 45,000 Extra H-2B Workers for Seasonal Employers – Extra.

Guest Worker Program to See Boost in 2020

White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney: U.S. is ‘desperate’ for more legal immigrants

Business Pushes Trump to Import Indian H-1B Graduates in Swap for U.S. Exports

Communist Bernie Sanders Wins Majority of Hispanic Votes in Nevada, Adds Black Support


Meanwhile… 73 Per Cent of Swedish Population Growth Driven By Mass Migration – When does Sweden no longer be Sweden?

Catholic Babelist Pope: You’re a Nazi if you don’t flood your country with migrant invaders

Univision Ratings Beat Big 4 With ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’

Massachusetts City Passes Law Advising Police Not To Arrest Illegal Immigrants For Driving Without A License – Well, there is always the Natural Born Citizens to fleece.

Texas A&M Hosts Sold-Out Drag Queen Show

Donald Trump Applauds India’s First Film with Homosexual Male Lead

Government agency using puberty blockers to experiment on children younger than 10

Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools

School launches secret program to turn kids ‘trans’ without telling parents

Reconstructionist Paganism: Heathenry Revival Accelerating

Brigham Young University removes ‘homosexual behavior’ as an honor code violation

‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ gets woke reboot, to star homosexual character

The Bernie Sanders Rape Essay That Let’s His Female Supporters Know That He Thinks They Are Sluts

Two Sets Of Rules: DIA Employee Charged With Leaking While FBI Leakers Walk Away

EX-NSA Agent Reveals the Unveiling of a National Police Force- Vance Davis

Blue Lives Matter Cop Gets 7 Years After Arresting People for Heroin, Stealing It from Dept, Selling It

Innocent Father Branded Domestic Terrorist for Supporting Constitution

Innocent Family Raided by Blue Lives Matter Cops, Assaulted After Dad Stopped a Wild Cat from Attacking Daughter

We’re urged to regard armed government workers as “heroes” of the Omaha Beach variety and worthy of North Korean-style Dear Leader funerals when they “fall” in “the line of duty.”

Another Red Flag Failure – This Time In Florida

‘Shut the hell up’: Eric Holder tears into conservative reporter after getting called out

Lady Justice Spurns Her Blinders For Trump Associates

DHS Whistleblower against Obama Administration Philip Haney Found Dead

Friend Of The Whistleblower That Died Today Speaks Out: He Warned Something Could Happen to Him… It Will Be Falsely Called a Suicide

Ex-Trump aide: FBI tried to set me up in ‘perjury trap’

Secretary of State Pompeo NEVER Told President Trump that Cyber Expert Bill Binney Had Proof DNC Emails Were NOT Hacked by Russia

It’s all a game, a façade, a hoax.

I guess it’s time to get out and crank up the ol’ defibrillator, go find Mueller and his gang of “angry Democrats,” start issuing subpoenas, hold hearings, and ruining people’s lives. Got to get to the bottom of this new Russian collusion story! Adam Schiff, call your office, start leaking. – Bernie is a Putin tool.

CA Governor Gavin Newsom Says Doctors Should Be Able To Write Prescriptions For Housing (VIDEO)

TRUE Female Empowerment Is Being A Daughter Of God

“The List” is kept in the secret mental lock-box of human beings of the estrogen persuasion. – It’s true. Every woman has it in one degree or another. The trick is to humor them, until they laugh and/or crinkle their nose. Of course, there is also THE BITCH with THE LIST. Stay away from the bitch with the list.

Flat-earther ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes kills self trying to reach “The Dome”. – Video

Canaanite Temple Invaded by Biblical Joshua Unearthed

Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 67

WATCH: Blue Lives Matter Cops Smell Weed on 16yo Boy and Beat the Hell Out of Him

There it is: Blue Lives Matter Cop – You have an air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror

WATCH: Blue Lives Matter Cops Choke Innocent Teen Unconscious, Then Smash His Head in With a Flashlight

Blue Lives Matter NYPD accidentally births funniest comments thread of the year with post about gun bust

Demographic Collapse: U.S. Fertility Hits All-Time Low

There Is No ‘Labor Shortage’

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is claiming that the United States “needs more immigrants” because the country is “running out of people”

Calif. Gov. Newsom discusses homelessness, mental health in State of State address – No word on removing the 3,000,000+ illegals out of MexiKaliForniKation.

President Trump Signed Order Allowing Water to Flow to Farmers Instead of the Pacific Ocean. Governor Newsom Sues Trump.

On Leaving the Golden State

New ‘Purity Test’ Tool to Scan Hollywood Scripts For ‘Diversity Bias’

An Open Sodomite As Intelligence Director, An Adulteress, Incestuous Congresswoman & More

Homosexual Pete Buttigieg: ‘We Are All Lifted Up’ by Stories About Abortions

More Homosexual Pete: Know Your Enemy

Millennials Are Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places

The Tradwife Movement Reminds Us of the Virtue of Service in Marriage

An Age of Weak Men

According To This Attorney, The New Book SHADOWLAND Is On To Something—FBI Has Been Lying About The Murder Of Seth Rich… Obama, Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan Implicated In Cover Up

Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Donald Trump reelected

Intel officials say Russia boosting Trump candidacy – Are you sick of it yet? I wonder who the religion of peace is rooting for? How about China? Bernie maybe?

Ruh-Roh! It’s RUSSIA! US officials say Russia trying to help Bernie Sanders in 2020 race

“Wow, that’s pretty scary! Except when you consider that Americans have done a crackerjack job of mind-fucking themselves with disinformation the past several years…”

Americans knew all of this because of the homosexual manifesto, which has been in the congressional record since 1987

Pope “Vicar of Christ” Francis-Approved Communist Parallel Chinese ‘Church’ Approves Abortion, Contraception – It seems to me that “The Gates of Hell” are prevailing against the… “Rock”.

MUSLIM TAKEOVER: Coming soon to a city near you

The Tyranny of Technocracy Turns out to Be a Frightening Prelude to the Prophesied

Imagine Being So Hungry That You Resort To Eating A Dead Rat You Found In The Trash

Michigan college student posts picture of his new rifle, ends up charged with felony ‘making terroristic threats’

Coronavirus-infected Americans flew home with healthy passengers — even though the CDC warned against it – Okay, so it happened anyhow?


“And advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool. This is merely a glimpse of the possibilities inherent in the process of transformation, not a precise prediction … the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Fenbendazole: A Drug Made for Animals and Taken by Humans to Treat Cancer

So precise, supported by so many equations. Yet so lacking, so unsatisfactory; it is enough to make one want to tear out one’s hair.

Turkey Requests US Jets Patrol Near Idlib To Halt Russian Air Power – Hilarious. Why not use its newly acquired Russian S-400?

I still remember when they were: Futile, Pointless, and Stupid, says Aesop. But wait! This is how you do it, says Aesop! – Meh. One thing leads to another.

I’m wondering, since the Militia’s are being formed up in Virginia, made up of many of Aesop’s Futile, Pointless, and Stupid people… and Not Brave, will these Militia’s also be Futile, Pointless, and Stupid… and Not Brave, by putting forth strong candidates that will truly represent the commonwealth, and more rallying… like those Futile, Pointless, and Stupid people did back in January?

But, but… impending doom! Futile, pointless, and stupid! Not brave!

Oh. Wait…

Aesop speaks again… shitting all over himself as he attempts to ride on coat-tails.

Anyhow… well, you can never have to much… legal weight. The “legal” respects that.

The question is: You have made your Militia. Are you willing to use it for its intended purpose, whether or not your local legal authorities are for you or have a change of heart

…they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

The Burning Question.

Consider, if all of this is about keeping your guns, so they don’t take your guns… we’ve already lost. And consider, what we have already lost.

Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 66

The Long And Sordid History Of US Government Bioweapons Research & Testing On Unwitting Civilians

Homosexual feces packer and peter puffer-gulper Pete Buttigieg is running as the great Christian savior of America

Trump Names Sodomite feces packer and peter puffer-gulper Ambassador Richard Grenell As Acting Director Of National Intelligence

‘All traitors must die’

Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson Goes on Crazy Tirade During Stone Sentencing

Court Rules Against Professor Who Refused to Call Transgender Student by Their Preferred Pronouns

You Were Warned: Democrats & Republicans Are Looking To Take Your Guns

Warning! Shipwreck Ahead

Pope Francis: Education Is ‘an Ecological Movement’

Satan Has Not Changed the Menu In 2600 Years


What Kind of America are We leaving to Our kids?

Convention Of ‘Christian Witches’ To Gather In Salem On Easter Sunday To Use Bible For Casting Spells

British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya

Carl Gallups: “Some of Us” Know Who Obama Is

Turkey Edges Toward Direct Conflict With Russian-Backed Syria


CoVid-19 coronavirus found to contain unique “gain-of-function” property “for efficient spreading in the human population” … exact quote from science paper just published in Antiviral Research

When US Hospitals and Military PUBLICLY Brace for a Coronavirus Pandemic, You Should Pay Attention

Because there is no constitutional right to perfect flood control – Court Refuses to Pay Flood Victims After Gov’t Released Dams and Flooded Their Homes

As they stood in the front yard, two Blue Lives Matter cops claimed to smell marijuana on 16yo boy and beat the hell out of him – video

Not my fault! The Boomers made me do it!

Another Boomer Melt-Down

How dare you! You’re banned!

Because we all know, that Boomers were also raised in a vacuum! And, and, and… the Boomers didn’t do anything to fight the evil! So I guess if there were/are “good boomers”, they are bad boomers, because evil exists!

But instead of weeding the garden of those evil shoots, they enthusiastically watered them.

The fact is, they were lied to. They were lied to by the politicians, and they were lied to by the talking heads on radio and teevee. By the Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation. What they didn’t have, what the millennials have, Gen-X and Gen-Z, is the information highway, called the internet. They didn’t have the Alternative Media. They didn’t have the truth (and the lies) pouring out at their keyboard finger-tips. They didn’t have all this information then, that you have today.

Yet even still, with all the information at our keyboard finger-tips… there is still… EVIL.

How dare they be sold a bill of goods that was sold to them! Just like the Millennials!

But don’t worry, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil is going to save us, and America. I am assuming once all the Boomers are dead… from Boomer Evil! All from Italy!

BTW, these… “Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s the Boomers, they ruined our life”, vote too. But, but, but… we had no choice other than to vote for the lesser evil, and it’s the Boomers fault because they voted for the… lesser evil… too!

But, but, but… The God Emperor!

Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

The world has faced terrible times before, and so have God’s people. This is NOTHING new.

  1. Many will claim to be the Christ (Messiah) or Claim to be Jesus. They will convince some people and lead them away.
  2. There will be wars and rumors of wars
  3. Nation will rise against nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom
  4. There will be an increase in Famines
  5. There will be an increase in Earthquakes
  6. There will be an increase in pestilences (Luke 21)
  7. There will be great signs in heaven (meaning space/the universe) with things such as the sun, moon, stars, etc.  (Luke 21)
  8. Christian persecution will increase
  9. People will increasingly betray one another
  10. People will increasingly hate on another
  11. There will be an increase in false Prophets
  12. Many people will be devoid of love
  13. The Gospel must be preached to all nations, then the end comes.

It’s the Boomers fault!

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.

And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

It’s the Boomers fault!

Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.

Let the dead bury the dead.

But, but, but…

Deus vult!

“God wills it.” The Catholic motto and battle cry called out by crusaders at the declaration of the First Crusade. Looking back at the outcome of the Crusades, was it Gods will, or the will of the Popes and the Catholic Churches penchant for Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride?

Truly I say unto you, there shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

But, but, but… the Popes, God’s emissaries who sit on the throne couldn’t possibly have known!

I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Obviously, God had/has other plans for Jerusalem.

It’s the Boomers fault!

Meh. Vox Day and his Evil Legions Of Evil will save America. Buy his books, his Comics, prescribe to his Unauthorized TV, etc. There is money to be had in saving America.

Obviously, he is saving all that money to supply the Patriot Movement, the Deus Vult, when the time comes. After all…

Success comes most swiftly and completely not to the greatest or perhaps even to the ablest men, but to those whose gifts are most completely in harmony with the taste of their times.


We can’t help it! The Boomers make us do it!

Sorry Jesus! The Boomers make us do it!

Sorry Jesus! The Boomers make us do it!

Sorry Jesus! The Boomers make us do it!

Sorry Jesus! The Boomers made me do it!

Sorry Jesus! The Boomers made me do it!

Satan Has Not Changed the Menu In 2600 Years.

I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak.

Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin.

Each one of us will eventually hear one of two things:

“Well done, good and faithful servant… Enter into the joy of your master.” (Matthew 25:21, and 23)

“I never knew you; depart from Me.” (Matthew 7:23)

We couldn’t help it! That vile Weinstein Boomer made us Me Too!

Amusing. I just never saw any of this in my Boomer family. Nor most of the friends I grew up with. Not that it wasn’t out there in the world, as it was pre-boomer, and post-boomer.


Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 65

So God Made a Bloomberg

And I suspect Bloomberg was thrown in an attempt to make Bernie look good better.

Well… Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival

Bernie Sanders Blasts Michael Bloomberg and His ‘Racist Policies’ at Massive Rally

CIA Washington Post Op-ed: It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president

Homosexual Pete Buttigieg: Illegal Immigrants Have ‘Every Bit of Claim on This Country As the Rest of Us’

Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden: ‘Absolutely Bizarre’ to Suggest Limit on U.S. Capacity to Absorb Immigrants

Pocahontas Warren: Everyone Here Illegally Must Be Able to Secure American Citizenship

Putin Rejects Gay ‘Marriage’, Considers Amending Constitution to Protect Traditional Marriage – Why do they hate him?

AG Bill Barr Threatens to Quit

As China Has Become More Powerful, U.S. Has Become More Dependent — ‘Our Leaders Made That Possible’

Today, they would red flag Washington and send a trigger happy SWAT team to shoot up him and his family and beasts

The Perfect Storm To Destroy Boys and the Boy Scouts

What does this say about British wives?

China deploys 40 incinerators to Wuhan

ACE2 Expression in Kidney and Testis May Cause Kidney and Testis Damage After 2019-nCoV Infection

Images of the Virus that Disrupted the World by Design

Photos: China’s City Streets Empty as Workers Avoid Coronavirus

Badthinkspeak warning: From China

Justice Still Denied for Kate Steinle

“They Came to Kill Him”: The Persecution of Christians – November 2019

L.A. mayor, sheriff, pledge to shield ILLEGAL aliens from deportation

But, but, but… Free Speech! And don’t forget, actions are extensions of Free Speech! – The Bowel Movement will never learn. But muh free speech!

Remember Those Aborted Baby Parts for Sale? Our Government Bought Them With Your Money.

Looks Like After An Unconstitutional Bump Stock Ban, The Trump ATF Might Be Pushing For A National Gun Registry

Michigan: Muslim brutally beats dog, giving it lifelong injuries, gets second chance

Muslim Radio Host Teaches Us About Jesus

Lies! All J00 lies! J00ish historical revisionism! The Nazis were ordained by Jesus! – So the modern National Socialist German American Workers’ Party say.

Ohio State students crowdsource to fund events with dominatrix, orgasm coach – ‘Kink,’ LGBT workshops also part of the programming

United States Leads the World in Cutting CO2 Emissions

“One shot is all I got.” Only because his gun jammed. Unarmed dad, grandpa, brother, son and friend shot dead because Blue Lives Matter Cop obliged him.

Blue Lives Matter Cop: You’re Doing 65 in a 70

WATCH: Man Permanently Disabled After Blue Lives Matter Cops Mistake Stroke for Drunkenness, Lock Him Up, Ignore Him

Uniformed Cop Shot and Killed in Lowe’s Parking Lot By Fellow Cop Over Domestic Incident

Former AG and Deep State Hack Sally Yates Lied to Congress About Flynn, Russia and Logan Act — Still Walks Free 3 Years Later

Zimmerman Sues Warren, Buttigieg Over Trayvon Martin Tweets Calling Him A Racist And White Supremacist Murderer.

Compliance 101: Gun-Toting Cops Endanger Students and Turn the Schools into Prisons

Local Blue Lives Matter police detective and an FBI agent target innocent man, beat him, charge him with 3 felonies

When You Leave This Life, What Will You Hear?

Blue Lives Matter “AGW of the Year” Arrested for Child Porn

The “Just Us” System

The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

Johns Hopkins Study: No Evidence ‘Assault Weapon’ Bans Reduce Mass Shootings

How the ‘Interpreter’ Scam Brought 75,000 Iraqis and Afghans Refugees to America

Lord of the Rings Star Says the World Owes Christianity ‘the Greatest Debt of Thanks’

Wicca And Eclectic Neo-Paganism Flourishing In THE SECOND COMING OF THE NEW AGE: Beliefs, Practices, Emerging Worldviews

Global Centralization Is The Cause Of Crisis – Not The Cure

Keep Waiting, The Hangings Are Never Coming – Face it, Americans are being Terraformed into good little Babelists. Some are not just yet… fully formed. Even the MAGA crowd.

Bernie Sanders Compares Himself To Nelson Mandela


“The world has been sold a bill of goods about Mandela. He wasn’t the saintly character portrayed by Morgan Freeman. He wasn’t somebody fighting for racial equality. He was the leader of a violent, Communist revolution that has nearly succeeded in all of its grisly horror.” – Here

De Klerk, South Africa, And The Future

Bernie Sanders Campaign Team Caught talking About Killing Dissidents

Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 64

Vatican Is ‘Giving Everything’ to China’s Communists

“There’s Just Too Many White People In Here!” – Negro Student Lectures Whites In “Multicultural” University Area – They don’t want inclusion. They want you dead.

School decides to expel children for what they do and say AT HOME!

Pelosi: If Trump Was a Person of Faith, He Would Realize People Pray ‘Even for Him’ – Some of us pray that Trump will do Gods will. Pelosi and her gang prays that Trump will do their will. That is the extent of their prayers.

‘More guidance and regulation’: Zuckerberg requests government rules on ‘what discourse should be allowed’ – Certainly, the discourse of the righteous will not be allowed. Only the discourse of the Global New World Order.

Trump Drops Requirement for Employers to Validate Citizenship of Employees – What good is the economy to an American if an Americans job is taken by a foreign migrant?

Border Patrol released more than 375,000 illegal immigrants directly into US last year

CEOs Keep 1 Million Indian Graduates in U.S. Jobs, Legally

From his father he learned honesty, hard work, and perseverance.

The Koch-Soros Quincy Project: A Train Wreck of Neocon and ‘Humanitarian’ Interventionists

Maxine Waters: Trump Will ‘Get Worse’ Post-Impeachment — Will Bring Putin to White House ‘to Interfere’ – Putin. Putin-Putin-Putin! Pootie-Poot! If Stalin were alive and ruling Russia, these people would be fawning over him.

The Russia Hoax Continues and Both Dems and Republicans Push It – They don’t like Putin, because Putin is not a moral degenerate. – Putin: ‘As long as I’m president we will have ‘mother’ & ‘father’

Florida teacher sparks outrage after reportedly demanding to know if 5th graders are lesbians

The Terrorists Migrating into Europe

Turkey Reclaiming the Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan Threatens to Let Migrant Foot-Soldiers Flood Into Europe Resume

Libya’s LNA-Backed Interim Government Accuses Turkey of Aggression and ‘Seeking to Conquer Country’

Judge lets Muslim force 14-year-old Christian girl to marry him, make her convert

The Exploding 110 Million More of Us Factor Within 30 Years

“This Is Just Chauvinism”: Oklahoma Woman Upset After Being Thrown Out Of All-Male Barbershop

The Boy Scouts of America put a new spin on “go woke, go broke” in filing for bankruptcy

‘OK, Boomer’ mentality: Academics want to label old age a disease, in case you had any respect left for the elderly

‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Shelved by Virginia Senate Committee

Virginia Dems Pass Several RADICAL Bills You Have To See To Believe (VIDEO) – I was stationed at Ft. Eustis back in the 80’s for 6 months. Even then, I was amazed at Virginia’s… vibrancy.

Government Officials Seize Veteran’s Guns in Mistaken Identification In Red Flag Law Execution

WATCH: Blue Lives Matter Cops Stop Veteran with PTSD for No Reason, Savagely Taser and Hit Him Over 30 Times

Mini-Mike Bloomerg Attacks Farmers and Factory Workers: ‘Anybody [Can] Be a Farmer,’ It Takes ‘A Lot More Gray Matter’ To Work In Tech – My father was a machinist in the same shop for 40 years. I’d like to see this idiot walk in and start machining. I’m betting he couldn’t even do the math… in his head.

Mike Bloomberg doubles-down: “If Bloomberg terminals could provide oral sex, it would put female employees out of work.”

In Defense Of Farmers

The next lady I asked was more forthcoming: “Would you feel harassed if Brad Pitt stroked your backside uninvited?” “Actually, he can stroke it anytime,” said the 50-year-old, “but why would he want an old bag like me?” I congratulated her for her candor and honesty, and then asked if she would react the same way if Harvey Weinstein did the same. “Not in a hundred f—ing years,” came the answer.

I Have Had Enough Of This Crap – Yeah. And they don’t care. Why should they? What’s the Bowel Movement going to do… have a Boogaloo?

No One Gets Out Of Here Alive

A Localized Civil War Is Now Underway In The DoJ – Oh look! Look at all the White-Hats doing the Boogaloo inside the DOJ! Go read your Consteetooshun, then look at all the “Laws” the F – B – I enforces. Yes, the Rock and Pillars of our Republic!

Abolish CIA & FISA

44 Americans on cruise ship docked in Japan tested positive for coronavirus

US Breaks Cruise Ship Quarantine, Flies 13 Infected Americans To Omaha Facility

More Wuhan here.

Bloomberg bought out Matt Drudge?

Daily Dose Of Babel AmeriKa – 63

Bill Gates Warns “10 Million Lives” At Risk As Virus Spreads To Africa And Taiwan Reports First Death

Hubei Doctors Warn Of Even-Deadlier Coronavirus Reinfection Causing Sudden Heart Attacks

Some Wuhan Evacuees Ask Why They Aren’t Being Tested for the Coronavirus

The US military has set up 15 coronavirus quarantine camps on its bases, and 600 citizens are still isolated there

What happens to privacy when China has personal data and the social graph of nearly everyone in the US?

Homosexual Buttigieg: ‘I’m Not Going to Take Lectures on Family Values from the Likes of Rush Limbaugh’

Buttigieg & “Husband” Plan To Have Kids While In White House

Quid pro quo Joe: Trump’s ‘Cruelty’ Is Eating the Soul of America

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Selling a $75 Vagina Scented Candle was About Empowering Women

House Democrats Push for ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Ratings for Banks

Cambridge Academic Says Human Race Must Become Extinct To Save The Planet

This freak means you.

Negroes celebrate Negro History month with videos of violence against whites

The Establishment no longer feels obligated to obfuscate or justify its anti-Christianity

Egypt builds a wall on border with Gaza

Biologists in WSJ: Only Two Sexes, Male and Female, There is No Sex ‘Spectrum’

Putin: ‘As long as I’m president we will have ‘mother’ & ‘father’

Fight erupts because military chaplain mentions Jesus

Navy chaplain accused of violating Constitution for encouraging soldiers to ‘lead like Jesus’

Government agents seized $181,500 in cash at airport and won’t give it back

6-year-old has a tantrum – sent to involuntary mental facility

A ‘Barr Fight’ over Roger Stone?

AG Barr To Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

Has the Deep State beaten Bill Barr?

The World Will Not Be Destroyed By Those Who Do Evil, But By Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything

A powerful reminder that illegal aliens are responsible for thousands of violent crimes that would not have happened if our immigration laws were enforced

Michael Bloomberg Tells His Pregnant Employee To “Kill It”


“Evangelical Deep State.”

WATCH: Off Duty Cop Follows Woman Through Parking Lot, Attacks Her—Taxpayers Shell Out $125K

WATCH: Mom Brings Child to Hospital for Help, But He Was Beaten and Arrested Instead – You can watch the video here

Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (THE KISSINGER REPORT)

Say it ain’t so Joe! We are already a socialist “republic”.

Today we will explore Reshaping the Future of Global Public Goods