What Is The Question?

264,112,767 or 78.7% of Boobus AmeriKanus Retardus have genetically altered themselves with the Gain of Function Gene Therapy.

As I said previously: What is the question?

And NO ONE knows what they packaged/coded/instructed/programmed into the Lab Created Artificial mRNA that puts YOUR DNA into action to create whatever the Lab Created Artificial mRNA tells it to create.

You’d be surprised at some of negative reactions I got. Or some of the lame comments. And the Pfizer Documents Research Darlings just ignored it.


Look, I get it. Pfizer, Moderna, J&J bad. Causes all kinds of sickness, disabilities, and deaths. I always thought it was a no brainer even before they released the “vaccines”. But… what about those people that it don’t? What if they are genetically predisposed to not have a negative reaction to the “vaccine”?

What is the question?

Investigational vaccine.

I said before they released the “vaccine” that it would not be a one time jab. That it would be the cornerstone, the foundation, that all other jabs would be built upon.

The cornerstone.

The foundation.

That all other jabs would be built upon.

What is programmed into the Lab Created Artificial mRNA that puts YOUR DNA into action to… to…?

Biden signs executive order designed to unleash transhumanist hell on America and the world

You’ll have to scroll down and hit links:

More DARPA than you can shake a stick at

More Transhumanism than you can shake a stick at

What is the question?

Transhumanism is not human. Just like genetically modified corn is not corn. It is altered corn. It is not Mother Natures corn. It is no longer Gods creation.

What is the question?

What is the End Game for the Genetically Altered?

What is the question?

Why wasn’t it a one time jab?

What is the question?

What is the end game for the non-genetically altered?


Mankind is being Terra-formed. Spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Because 263,812,108 Boobus AmeriKanus Are Stupid

They told you what it is April 1, 2020:

What else did they tell you before they released the Gain of Function Genetically Modifying Gene Therapy on Dec. 14, 2020?

And NO ONE knows what they prepackaged/coded/instructed/programmed into the Lab Created Artificial mRNA that puts YOUR DNA into action to create whatever the Lab Created Artificial mRNA tells it to create.

Because nobody asked questions. Because, FFS… they didn’t even know what the question was.

They just…

I’ve mentioned this before, but here it is again. That first screen-shot up there after the first video. When I found it back in April 2020, I showed it to my wife and our family. My was says, “Oh hell no. Not going to happen.” The same month that I found it, while under lockdown, my wife and I were watching The Bourne Legacy when this conversation popped up…

Now you know why, as we heard this, my wife looked at me, I looked at her, and we both laughed our asses off.

Nord Stream And Economic Warfare On Russia

It has always been about economic warfare.

How dare Russia build pipelines! How dare Russia sell gas and oil to Europe! How dare Europe buy Russian gas and oil! Bad Russia! We’ll lose BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars!

We need to just cut the crap and admit that this has always been about economic warfare… and Trump is no sterling angel in this. That they baited Putin by giving Ukraine the green light to send thousands of Ukrainian troops and artillery on the border with Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics while Trump was president, before Russia entered Ukraine, after Biden was s-elected.

Health Ranger Mike Adams The Doomer of the Doomings

It is a reality. Covid Vaccine Doomer Mike Adams of Natural News incessantly Covid Doomed his readers/listeners long before he Covid Vaccine Doomed. How many people is he responsible for getting Genetically Modified with all of his Covid Dooming?

We’ll see if he posts it.

Lockdown is the world’s biggest psychological experiment – and we will pay the price ~ Apr 9, 2020

Mike Adams isn’t as bright as he wants you to believe. While he was doing the Covid Dooming, I was calling this the Mass Covid Psychosis PsyOps. Long before you heard of Mass Formation Psychosis.

WEF claims that “billions” who obeyed lockdowns and mask mandates will also comply with new globalist “social credit scheme”

And it was all so predictable. Especially when they have been spitting it in your faces.

Homosexuality Good Just Don’t Groom Groomers

This is the New Right…


So, someone took issue with my comment. So I made my comment back to her. Then she commented… and then blocked me. But I screen-shot my last response.

Remember folks, according to the “christians”, you, as a Christian, are not allowed to judge between right and wrong. The holy and the profane. Beauty and the repulsive. Gods nature versus the wicked nature.

If God calls something an abomination, how dare you call it an abomination!

Who are you to express the mind of God?

Your Third World Cultural Enrichment

As The Show Goes On: Ron DeSantis Dispersing Illegals Throughout America & His Supporters Think It’s Funny- Not Realizing The Joke Is On Them!

Because people are so damn stupid. Even the “smart people” are stupid.

Approximately 4,000,000 since Biden took the office. That is on top of the 40-60 Million already here.

You can call them hypocrites all you want. They don’t care. They know what The Plan is. Middle class suburbia and rural is The Plan. Move along now.

Keeper Of The Virus Dr. Malone Responds (Update)

Kind of…

Just got blocked by #KeeperOfTheVirus @rwmalonemd #MaloneMD Some people get blinded when the Light shines on them. He posted a story about “Human Cyborgs”. I asked, with his extensive work with DARPA and its Stakeholders… what did he know, and when did he know it. Then posted several links on DARPA, Transhumanism, CRISPR, Gene Editing, etc. some of which goes back several years.

It was too much for his heart to handle.

It’s Just All A Coincident

Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Regime — You Can Now Participate and Add More Incidents on the Interactive Map

Got food?


Imagine armed FBI agents showing up at your house because you supported Trump on Facebook and demanding records of your whereabouts on a date nearly two years ago and of course, the FBI already knew that Lisa Gallagher was not there because they have sophisticated facial recognition software, so they were never planning to arrest her,” Carlson said. “The point (and this is a theme in every authoritarian regime), the point was to use government agents to intimidate enemies of the regime on the basis of an anonymous tip.”