Imagine Repurposing The Flu

Imagine if you will, that your government compelled MILLIONS of Americans to have a nasal swab shoved up their nose for a Influenza PCR Test every year. Imagine the MILLIONS testing positive for the Influenza. Some would die because of the Flu, some would die with the Flu (symptoms or not), some would have severe Flu and survive, some would have moderate to minor symptoms of the Flu, and some would be… Influenza asymptomatic (as many as three-quarters of all flu cases are asymptomatic, meaning they didn’t know they had until they were tested for it). But there would be MILLIONS of Flu CASES! Imagine the government exacerbating the Flu will its lock-down measures. Imagine wearing a face diaper to overload you with carbon monoxide and viral/bacterial overload by re-inhaling the viruses and bacteria you exhaled from your lungs and trapped on the inside of your face diaper. Imagine AmeriKans crapping their diapers.

OMG! We need a Vaccine!

Surprise! Why, we have a Gain of Function Spike Protein Gene Therapy Jab just for you!

See how easy that was?

Oh look! The Corona-Cooties cured the… Flu!

Stupid people. A product of our government run school programing.

BTW, for those of you proclaiming, “I know the Corona-Cooties is real! I’ve never been this sick before!” While locking yourselves down in your homes barely getting sunshine, if any, wearing dirty filthy face diapers inhaling all those nasties you exhaled on the inside of your face diapers called viral/bacterial overload.

No one has ever “been that sick before” until they have been that sick. And… no one has ever “been that sick before” until they have been that sick… before. Do you know how many millions say this every year?

I was “never that sick before” 30 years ago with a severe case of the Flu with all the Cooties symptoms, until I was that sick before.

People don’t listen to themselves. And everything that has happened before the Cooties, that happen today, they automatically default to the Corona-Cooties.

And then they told you that 33,642,709 of you had PCR Tested Positive for the Corona-Cooties Cases. And then they told you that of all the Cases, 1.79% of you died. And 6% out of 1.79% of you died OF the Corona-Cooties, and 94% out of 1.79% of you died WITH, not OF, the Corona-Cooties.

Remember, your FACE DIAPERS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, LOCK-DOWNS, HIDING IN YOUR HOMES, only worked for the Flu-Cooties, not the Corona-Cooties.

Scientists baffled at disappearance of influenza… but is it really gone, or just masked by Covid-19?: This hand-waving explanation might just be the most awesome act of cognitive dissonance of this entire saga. Experts are claiming, with a straight face, that a laxly enforced hodgepodge of restrictions, which varies wildly between countries and regions, has overnight eradicated an ancient scourge of humanity from the face of the Earth. And in the next breath, they warn that the incidence of another identically transmitted virus is through the roof.

But wait! The worst flu season we ever had may be coming.

Keep wearing those face diapers! Keep social distancing! Lock yourselves down! Elbow bumps! The worst flu season we ever had may be coming! When it comes back, it is going to be a doozy of a season!

The coming flu season may be severe. Here’s why: “No one has seen it. That includes countries that have done lockdown. It includes countries that haven’t done any lockdown. It includes countries that have done a good job controlling the pandemic. It includes countries that haven’t done a good job,” Webby told CNN. It’s not entirely clear why. Many experts believe that measures taken to help control coronavirus also prevented the spread of influenza. It’s also possible that coronavirus somehow outcompeted or interfered with flu.