Our Exposure To Multiple PCR Tested Cooties Cases

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Emergency Alert: I am on day 12 (Update: past the 12-14 day Cooties incubation now) of my 17th exposure (that I know of) since the beginning of the scamdemic to a PCR tested positive person who was forced to get tested by his school because he had the sniffles. And we had a birthday party for our granddaughter regardless. I have at the most, 2 more days before I drop dead in a China Street.

You’ve read this before, but I’ve expanded on it...

That’s right folks. 17 PCR tested positive people, personally, that I know of. Could be more, but 17 for sure. My entire family, and our circle of friends, and we have all been exposed to one another. Everyone in my family has been exposed to PCR positive people. Everyone in our circle of friends have been exposed to PCR positive people. And we have all been exposed to one another. All of us have been living our lives as if this “The Virus” doesn’t exist. We haven’t been following one iota of The Virus Mandates. We don’t wear face diapers. We have not been Social Distancing. We have not be quarantining from one another. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

I know of one person who was a chemotherapy patient, with Type 2 Diabetes, who got sick enough to be hospitalized… during FLU SEASON. 5 days before he was hospitalized we both had our heads under the hood of his car, at times inches apart, while complaining he didn’t feel well. He was breathing on me. He was coughing in close proximity to me. Neither one of us were wearing face diapers. The hospital PCR tested him positive for “The Virus”. He was released from the hospital in 5 days, and on that very day he was released, I visited him, and neither of us were wearing… face diapers.

No one in his family got sick. Not even his wife who he sleeps with. No one in his circle of friends got sick. I didn’t get sick. No one in my family got sick, no one in our circle of family friends got sick, not even my wife who I sleep with.

So you tell me what the fuck is going here, despite the repeated mantra by the “experts” that this is the most “contagious and dangerous virus ever”.

Fuck it, let’s even go further with this. Almost EVERYONE at my wife’s work tested PCR positive for “The Virus”. And NOTE that this was during the beginning of the scamdemic during the FLU SEASON! A few had the sniffles and got tested… ya know, “Oh noes! I got the sniffles! I got the Corona-Cooties because the government and TeeVee says so!” Most got tested because the FUCKING GOVERNMENT TOLD THEM TO GET TESTED and had NO SYMPTOMS, not even the SNIFFLES! None of them dropped dead in a China Street, nor were hospitalized. My wife didn’t get sick. My wife sleeps with me and I didn’t get sick. Together we visit family and friends and none of them got sick… or dropped dead in a China Street. One person from my wife’s work, the District Manager, whom my wife had been in contact with, came down with FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS, during the FLU SEASON, and stayed home for a week. And we all know, that no one, EVER, during the FLU SEASON, gets sick, with FLU SYMPTOMS, and stays home.

FFS. Even my elderly in-laws at over 80 years old haven’t had so much as the sniffles since the scamdemic, and we’re family, and they go to all our family gatherings. And none of the elderly people they know, who have been exposed to them and vise versa, have gotten the dreaded Corona-Cooties and dropped dead in a China Street.

It’s all hype. Turn on the Boob-Tube and it was the Corona-Cooties 24/7. Now, it’s the Gain of Function Gene Therapy “Vaccine” 24/7. Hell, they’re even giving away prizes to get you to take it. It’s a fucking Circus Show… and there’s a sucker born every minute ~ P. T. Barnum, American showman, mid-19th century.

Dancing Nurses. People taking video of mostly empty hospitals, and some being threatened. The military set up mobile hospitals, that sat empty. They STILL have the big tent up at my local hospital out front, and just sits their empty. What a fucking CON-JOB. Repurposing the FLU into the “COVID”.

And now… we know “The Virus” is real, because Dr. Fauci created it, while curing the world of the Flu! So take the damn “Vaccine” for “The Virus”!

And now, just as you were ready to get up off of your seats, they once again have you… riveted to your seats.

In light of this, all my experience with “The Virus”, I have one question to ask. Why are they so desperate for me, my family, and our circle of friends, to take the Gain of Function Gene Therapy “Vaccine”?

Was the Whole Pandemic About the Vaccine?: In my opinion Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the most courageous well credentialed academic physicians out there and I hope to interview him soon. He is vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and despite his impeccable credentials, he has been vilified for stating during the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, that it was all about the vaccine and getting a global mass vaccination campaign underway.

Recent weeks have seen a significant rise in all sorts of vaccination incentives in the U.S., from free doughnuts, cake,4 french fries, hot dogs and pizza,5 to arcade tokens,6 10-cent beer,7 free state park season passes,8 free Uber and Lyft rides,9 free marijuana10 and Cincinnati Reds baseball tickets,11 a chance to win a full scholarship12 and even $1 million13 and $5 million14 giveaways. Below is a more complete list of incentives, posted on vaccines.gov.15

“The Virus” has to survive. If “The Virus” dies, then so too does the Gain of Function Gene Therapy “Vaccine”.


Update 12/15/2021: The “Covid” is back at my wife’s work. 3/4’s of the employee’s are vaxxed. Guess who is getting sick? The vaxxed. Not the un-vaxxed, the vaxxed. Now, let’s tell you how stupid people are. According to my wife, beginning next month, while everyone will be still compelled to wear a face diaper at work, the un-vaxxed will be compelled to get a weekly “Covid test”. Despite the fact that the only people getting sick, and being PCR tested for the “Covid”, are the vaxxed.